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Friday, October 28, 2011

Paranormal Activity - My Experiences, How I KNOW that Hell is real

For we battle not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities

against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Ephesians 6:12

What if everyone believed in Hell. What if people could taste, even for a moment what it would be like? What would those lives look like, if for a second they truly believed in anything other than what we can see with our eyes?

People would cease to lie. People would cease to hurt one another. People would call out to thier God, get on their knees and find Him. They would search at all costs because they would understand that there is more than what we see. They would see that eternity is the reality...this life is only temporary...they would know that all that we see and our purposes here on earth are for something more and something greater.

Right now, there happens to be no shortage of movies about the supernatural at the box office.

Paranormal Activity. When I first saw Paranormal Activity, I was disturbed. I could see people laughing and joking around and carrying on.....

But what most people don't understand is that demons and demonic forces are real. They are real! How do I know this? What qualifies me to speak about them?

By the way, I have abandoned scary movies altogether. I used to love them..but the more my eyes are open to God and His Light..the less I want to do with the things of darkness and fear.

Well, I'm going to tell it...I have had had my own supernatual experiences.

What's strange is that I have had a very real fear of talking about them for some time. What will people think? Will anyone believe me?

I have delayed sharing this post for a very long time for multiple reasons. I guess one reason has been fear. Fear that others simply won't believe my story. The thing that happened to me aren't something that many people are familiar with.

I have often wondered why. Why, have I been allowed to experience the supernatural? I have often wondered why God would allow me to seen and experience the unseen realm that He speaks of in His word.

I think I know the answer. It's quite simple.

So that I can tell others. So that I can tell others that there is a hell based on my experiences.

But not only that...I can tell them also, that, based upon my experiences there is a wonderful, caring and loving God. He has shown me so many amazing thing through each and every one of my experiences. He has shown me His love, His Power, His sovereignty, and the Truth of His Word.

Secondly, I want people to know that I do not lie. In my blog, I admit to things that were hard to talk about. I talk about the hard things. Since I have come to know Christ, I can see the extreme danger of lies. Lies are in opposition to His very nature. My God is Truth.

My prayer is that when you read about my experiences, you begin to see that there is a world that you can't see. We all have choices in this life. It is important to know that EACH and EVERY choice we make does have eternal consequences..whether good or bad....My prayer for you, reader, is that you begin to make the right ones. No matter how many times you have failed, He is still there loving you. Accept His love. Seek His guidance. You don't have to be perfect to fall into His arms, You simply just have to fall into them. Let Him do the rest. Don't spend too much time seeking advice from "man". Listen to the voice of you Father. He loves you.


My experiences began as a child. There were times during my childhood when experienced very strange things, but at the time I didn't really understand what they were. I would have horrible nightmares. There were nights when I could feel as if someone were behind me, breathing on my neck. And this is going to sound strange...but, there were times when I could feel a presence enter my room. Everytime I would feel this presence, my headboard would begin to rattle. I always knew when the headboard was going to rattle before it even happened. But I didn't understand it. I was too young. But, I, being quite the little investigator wanted to find out why my headboard would start rattling when nothing else in the house moved. And I wondered how I always Knew it would happen before it actually did. So, I investigated. I inquired about everything scientific that my little brain could think of. Nothing. So, I let it go. After all, those experiences were few.

When I was in my twenties, I attended Louisiana State University. I can't say that I was spiritually sound during this time. I was a believer because I had experienced things in church. I had even had a true relationship with Christ at one time. But, my heart liked to wander and it drifted away. I was in a state of mind that had me questioning God. I couldn't understand why there was evil. I believed in hell, but I didn't see it as just. My mouth said I believed, but my actions would always prove otherwise. I think on some level, we all believe in something greater than ourselves. But many of us, don't take the time to seek Him. Many of us believe in eternity with our mouths, but our hearts are off wandering. Many of us, aren't living what we speak. I think that has to do with our fear. We fear the answers that we may receive if we truly sought answers in Christ. But remember, my friends, that there is no fear where He is...He is there to walk us through life's valleys. "There is no condemation for those that are in Christ Jesus."

I was living in Baton Rouge. One night I was pondering on my the strange things I experienced as a child I decided to tell a friend, who also happened to be my neighbor.

After I went back to my apartment that night, I was lying in my bed. I was facing the wall. Suddenly, I could feel an immense fear and hatred coming from my doorway. I was afraid to turn around. I could feel immense HATRED. I wish I could explain just how that felt. I felt that there was something in my doorway that wanted to kill me. Before I could turn around, my smoke alarm began to off. (please note that there was no fire, nor any smoke)...

then my headboard began to shake very violently. I remember an immense fear came over me. I was very afraid. I frantically called my neighbor and friend and told him to come over. The rattling ceased after a minute or so, but the presence was still there. My friend arrived and I told him what had happened. I told him that I wanted him to experience what I had just experienced so that he wouldn't think I was crazy. I wanted him to know that what I experienced was Real. We sat on the edge of my bed. I began to try to get whatever was in the room to do something, because I wanted my friend to see. I told him that I would try hitting a part of the bed to see what would happen. So I did. I hit a part of the bed and the part of the bed I hit, would move. The sheets would stir around that particular place. It was as if something unseen were hitting the bed in exactly the same spot as I did. Before I knew it, we were involved in a game with, what I didn't realize at the time, a demonic spirit. Before I knew it we were laughing. I began to wonder if the spirit was good. I felt pleasure. Please note..this is a very important truth...what I didn't realize at the time was that the devil and his forces can disguise themselves. I recently learned that the very name Lucifer means, angel of light. The bible tells us that he appears as an angel of light. His forces can disguise themselves as something good and pleasurable. That is why sin feels so good. But sin and darkness lead us into places that are death..spiritual destruction and death. I can see how the enemy uses our senses to decieve. If it feels good, do it. But what we don't see, is that sin ultimately leads to death. We are to walk by faith, my friends, not by feeling, not by sight. Our hearts are deceptive. Our minds wander...But if we root ourselves in Christ, we can stand firm in Truth, able to discern lies.


before I knew it, whatever was there became angry again. The entire bed began to shake. My friend ran out of the apartment terrified.

The next few months were a living hell for me. My only hope rested in the fact that I believed in Jesus. I didn't know Him personally, but I believed in Him. I began to seek.

There were times when I wanted to move out of my apartment. Whatever was there, wasn't leaving. But I knew that if I could face these dark spirits, then I would be stronger in the end. As a human being, I have no power over demonic forces. But I have learned that through Jesus, "All things are possible." I knew that only in knowing Him, could I ever be free from that which plagued me.

But seeking takes time. For the next few months, I went into a very severe state of depression. I began to question my sanity. I forced myself to go to school and work. I felt tired and exhausted continually. I could feel a very real darkness around me in a very literal, unmetaphorical way. I went to churches late at night and prayed. I turned off my television. Everything to me at that point of life became cloaked in futility. For, I was seeing the supernatural. Everything else became unimportant. The reality of an unseen world began to embed itself into my soul and the only thing that mattered to me at that point was finding Jesus. Because I knew that He was real. and because I knew that demons were real. and hell is real.

There was one night in particular when I was very afraid. I called my aunt Cheryl. She drove two hours to come see me and pray with me. God Bless you Aunt Cheryl, thank you for coming. I needed someone very badly during this time of my life, and you were there for me. I love you!

That night, something very amazing unfolded that changed the way I looked at the Bible. My aunt directed me to Psalms 91, a prayer of protection. That night we invited Jesus into my abode. We began to read Psalms 91 over and over. There was a heaviness around us that was so very thick and tangible that our bodies were sore the next day from what felt like crushing weights.

But as I read that beautiful and wonderful verse, something amazing began to happen. I began to draw strength from it...the more I read it, the more I believed it, and the more I could see the power of the words. It was as if an invisible shield of love and safety wrapped itself around us..... Since I have come to know Christ, I have seen that He is our shield of love and safety. He is our refuge. He is there. His word is true, even in the darkest hour and when we are most afraid.

As we read this verse, my fear disappeared. I KNEW then and there the power of the word of God...the power and strength that His Word gives. I saw how, the Bible is our tool for defeating an unseen enemy. It is our passage toward life and learning what it means to truly live.

One of the biggest deceptions many people face right now is the fact that many people don't believe that the devil exists. Many don't believe in hell. Many people say they do with their mouths, but their hearts are still planted in things that are completely wrong and against the very nature of a loving God.

But know that hell is real. Know that if you are reading this, you aren't here by accident. You are here because you are loved very deeply by a loving Father.

The enemy seeks to destroy lives, to create confusion, to cause division, to steal, to kill, and to destroy you. That is his aim and his purpose. The enemy hates you because you were created in the image of God. He disguises himself as something good and tempting.....but his paths end in death and in the places of rot. He seeks to destroy lives and the lie is that many won't even know they are being destroyed until lives are completely and utterly broken..

But the good news is...when they are broken...He picks us up...and gives us hope..and gives us strength and a purpose. There was a time when I was that lost and broken person. My sins, and continually giving in to the lies and tempations of the enemy, left me in a very dark place. There was when I saw it fit to take one too many of my anti anxiety medication. I saw myself as a failure....I listened to the lie......but then, I remembered this beautiful Man I used to know. The man who showed me the power of His Word and put His shield around me in an apartment in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I haven't left Him since.

With tears in my eyes, I encourage any and everyone to get to know Jesus. He is there for you and He loves you so very much. He longs to heal your wounds and your brokenness. You don't have to turn towards the things of darkness to satisfy your soul. His grace and His love is sufficient. But I can't say that turning to Christ is easy. That is why they call it the narrow path. It often means giving up things that we don't want to give up.

But I have seen, through my experiences, that Hell is real. and that it will be horrific.

I'm an educated woman. I have two degrees. I was raised in church but I have always been the type of person who has to see something to believe...I have seen. I have experienced.

IF you don't have faith, ask Him for to Him...ask Him in your life, repent of your sins. Confess your sins to your Father.

My experiences with darkness did not end there.... Everyday, as Christians there is spiritual warfare...

I am going to work on a postabout demonic attacks that came against my body. I will share it soon. Please read.....and please feel free to share this message. It could literally mean someone's salvation. Thank you.

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  1. I believe you and I know what you are talking about. My experiences is something I say no child should have to go thru. Throughout my life I have experienced the paranormal/supernatural what ever you want to call. Never understanding why..........but because of who I am in Christ I know why things happened the way they did.Now I am not afraid because I have Him as my Lord and Savior and with Him all things are possible. So I have peace knowing He is with me always.