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Monday, April 22, 2013

a few years ago, I was perusing the web and I came across a blog that made me feel loved and at home. I really think reading about the love of God and seeing it played out in someone's else's life, truly helped me to delve in the arms of my Father.
Think of the themesong from Cheers. Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name, and they are always glad you came.
Superhyper religious people, take note, I'm not suggesting that we drink ourselves silly in seedy bars in the middle of Chicago..
I'm only saying that sometimes we gravitate towards wherever we can go to find acceptance.

Fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, if people aren't feeling accepted in our prescence, if we aren't giving them a home, or a warm welcome, or even pretending that we aren't even quasi glad to see them, then naturally, they will gravitate towards somethings else.

I think of all of the young men and women who have dabbled in witchcraft simply because they percieve that they are accepted and loved in thier group. They have created a niche and a small space where they feel warm. Many may not even realize that they are playing with destructive spirits who only long to rip them into tiny pieces.

It's the same with drugs. How many turn to drugs or alcohol simply because they have never felt accepted. I want people to come to my blog and feel as if they have a home. I want people, when they are around me, to feel the radiant love of Christ.

It's funny how we can quote scripture all of the live long day, but if we can't bring our love to the table and have our arms spread wide open, then the lost will remain content in their pastures, not really understanding the beauty of Grace and the unconditional love that Christ has for them.

Everything begins in love. think of a garden. In the beginning, there is something small. The beginnings of life in a tiny seed. Things grow with care. Hands that pull gently work the soil. Things grow through time. Patience, watering, and love.
Is it any wonder that so many of the parables of Jesus were about vineyards and crops and growth? He wanted to show us that love is like a garden and He is the source of light from which all good things come.

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