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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

i dreamt of a beautiful Light, and It was Real

I'll be honest. I haven't always lived a Christian lifestyle, but I have seen way too many things to deny Jesus. I was raised in church, but there was a time when I had many doubts and questions. I am an educated woman. I have heard the arguments of science and "reason" but I have seen things that science and reason cannot explain. Now I find that the more I get to know Jesus, and yes, He is real, the more I love Him. There is a beauty and a peace to my life that I haven't discovered until recently. I am finding that the more I seek the more I find.

The purpose of this blog is to share my experiences and hope that others can grow, in Christ, with me. I am finding that being a Christian isn't the easist path. Jesus is teaching me humility and sacrifice. But above all, being a Christian is about Love.

I am finding more joy and peace than I have ever known. My sorrow has turned to happiness. My despair has turned to hope. I was once a very small seed. I thought I was nothing. I was lost, I had been in dark places. But Jesus showed me that I am a beautiful flower. Worth something. So are you! Whoever you are, I don't know you but I love you. You are worth so much. Be encouaged. Know that you are loved. No matter how dark and dismal things may seem, there are people out there that will be willing to wash your feet. Trust me, I don't have a foot fetish...I was just so moved by the story of the woman who washed the feet of Jesus. I asked Him if I could wash His feet and He told me that I could wash the feet of others. It sounds silly. But what greater act of love than to wash the feet of a stranger. So I pray that my words are like water. I am going to post a letter that I wrote to Christians and non Christians everywhere...and hope and pray that one life can be touched..transformed, the way the mine has.

Here is a copy of the letter: This letter may seem strange to some people, but Jesus has been showing me many things lately and I truly feel as if I must share it with others. I began truly seeking Jesus for the first time about eight months ago. I have had some very supernatural experiences in the past, but I used God for my own convenience, and didn't truly seek Him out until recently. I was in a horrible situation and almost found myself beginning to walk down a very dark path. There were nights that I woke up and felt like Jesus were gone from me. It was a horrifying feeling. I was being treated horrendously by someone I cared for and I almost found myself waslking into a very dark path.. I truly thought that I could justify an "eye for an eye." I was lying to everyone around me. I could see that I wasn't spending quality time with my children. But I have had so many experiences with darkness. I could feel it all around me. It wanted to claim my life. But one night, Jesus, literally picked me and said, No, I have a plan and a purpose for you. I will not let you walk down this path. So I made a difficult choice and let go of something that I really didn't want to. But it was something that had to happen in order for me to grow as a Christian. I didn't see how anything in my life or marriage could ever be resolved. I began praying and seeking God around this time.

I remember one day I was praying and Jesus showed me this image of a beautiful flower. He showed me how things often look small and insignificant, like my marriage. But He has the power to turn anything into a beautiful flower. My marriage was a tiny seed, but if He would let me water it, He would transform it, by His grace, into something beautiful. I didn't really want to hear that from Him at the time. But I found that the more I trusted Him, so much anger and hatred left my heart. I began to truly feel peace for the first time in my life. Not a superficial peace, but that peace that the Bible describes, A peace that surpasses all understanding. I began to spend more time at church. One Sunday a guest preacher came and told me that Jesus wanted joy for my life. He told me that my dark days were over. A few weeks later, a differnent guest preacher came and told me the same thing. The Holy Spirit wanted me to know that there was hope. Slowly, I began to trust in these promises.

I began to turn off the radio and the televsion and truly seek Him. Slowly, I began to sacrifice some of my daily habits in hopes of hearing that still small voice. He showed me that He wanted my time first and foremost. He showed me that if I have time to make a run to Starbucks or watch television for an hour, then I had time to write a letter of encouragement to someone. I remember years ago I was sitting in church wondering what my purpose was. I know that there are many Christians out there that feel as if they don't know what God has called them to do. But I remember God spoke to me about ten years ago. He spoke it plain as day. Rachelle, I have called you to Love. To spread His beautiful Love. In the Bible, He gives us instructions. We are to clothe the naked, feed the hungry, help the poor, pray for the sick, take care of orphans and widows. We are to act in love and spread His message. I believe that each of us has a talent, something that we can give. Even if we don't have a talent, many of us have hands to help or time to pray.

There is so much that we can do and so much that, as Christians, we should be doing. I have started making "TO DO" lists for Jesus. Writing letters of encouragement, finding ways to act in love...I think if Christians everywhere would take a more active role, so many LIVES WOULD BE CHANGED!

When I look around, I see hurting everywhere. Marriages destroyed. Lives torn apart by horrible circumstances. People are corrupt, but mainly it is because they are lost. They have no light. No one has ever shown them the way. I often wonder when I read the news, Could that crime have been stopped if someone had only reached out in love towards that person. Could that murder have been prevented? could that child have been saved from neglect and abuse if someone only had reached out in a simple act of love through faith in Jesus? I see kids dying everyday at the hand of an abusive parent. I read it about constantly. It makes me wonder. Some serious food for thought.

I have had so many experiences with darkness. In the Bible, it mentions that there we battle not against flesh and blood but against unseen forces. I have seen these forces. I Know that there is a darkness that aims to destroy lives. I can see how it nearly destroyed my own. I will post my experiences with this darkness soon, but for now I just wish people would recognize it. It is all around us.

Jesus showed me something. So many of the problems of this world are rooted in Lies. You see, the brilliance of a lie is that it seems so innocent. We have "white" lies. Many people think that a lie is o.k because it can be covered up. But the chaos of the world started with a lie, "eat this fruit, nothing will happen." When we lie, people stop trusting. When people stop trusting, people begin to hate. Hatred leads to crimes, atrocities. Soon the world is in chaos and everything started with that simple "it isn't going to hurt anyone" lie. Lies are dangerous. If I hadn't had so many experiences, I might harm done...but I've seen dark things. I've experienced darkness, so all I can say is that if you are lying, PLease stop. As a concern for my fellow man, please don't do it.

As I sought Jesus, I began giving some things up for Him. He told me that if I would sell something specific, will mention later, and give the money to help others, then He would give me knowledge. So it was very difficult for me, but I committed to doing what He asked. A few nights later, I began to have these very real dreams that were almost like experiences. In one of my dreams, Jesus showed me this beautiful light. It was glowing white and gold. It was about the size of a bowling ball. While in the prescence of this beautiful, glowing light, there was a peace like none that I have EVER known. It radiated pure happiness. I sometimes get tears in my eyes just thinking of it. When I awoke, I asked Jesus what this light was, He told me that, As Christians, each of us has some of that light within us, and it is up to us to share it with others. He then told me that God is often described as Light. He then reminded me of the beauty and the peace and joy I felt in the presence of such a small light. He told to multiply that feeling times millions, and that is the feeling of Heaven. It was so real and so beautiful that all I want to do now is to tell others about it.

I just want everyone to know that He/She is special. That no matter what you may have done in your life, that Light can be yours. There is a Hope in Jesus. There is peace. There is joy. So please know that No matter what your situation may seem, things can always turn around. You may be the small seed, but with Jesus you can grow into something big and beautiful and with a full purpose. Turn to Jesus and to the Bible. It is our tool for finding strength. I discovered this about 15 years ago and will blog that experience soon. I hope and pray that this reaches the right people. People that may be lost, hurting, suffering.

If you have lost a child, Know that there is a Heaven. I can't imagine that kind of suffering, but I know beyond anything that Heaven is real.

On another note, I have learned that many people will disappoint, some “Christians” will disappoint. But He is there for us. I have this vision that, as Christians, we can begin to spread this beautiful Light. First, as small sparks, But then the Love of this Light will grow into a huge fire that will cannot be quenched or put out. It will spread, first inside our community, then it will grow through the nation, and spread to other parts of the world.

I know that there are many different Christian religions. I have respect for many. I often see how there is hatred and antagonism between religions. But if we could learn to see our one similarity, the one thing that unites us, then great things could happen. That one thing is Christ. The very root of the word Christian. I love my Catholic friends and in laws. I love my non-denominational family and church. I love the Baptists. The Pentecostals. I love people that are gay, straight, all religions, all colors, I love people despite thier pasts because even though we have all done wrong, each of us has a story. Each of us has a scar. But I love because Jesus has planted that love inside my heart. Jesus wants us all to succeed. To find Him. To listen to His Word. Jesus is there, waiting for each one of us. I hope that you will find him and allow Him to show you His great Love.

Please note that even though Jesus wants families to often we overlook people who are going through divorces. I was very close to divorce. Often, there is a partner who doesn't want to work it don't feel guilty if you are divorced. Just know, that Jesus loves you.

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