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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Won't you Dance with me in Heaven someday?

Every day is a struggle to find Beauty.
Every day is a struggle to hear the voice of God.
We need not look far to find joy.
We simply need to know in Whose Hands it can be found.

If you have cried out to God,
then you are in the race that leads to eternity.
Do not believe the lies that you have failed.
You are a warrior in the greatest army ever known.
You battle for souls.

Speak like a champion.
Speak like you are at the finish line and Christ is right in front of you.
He is.
He holds bread to your lips and He speaks, Well done.
See it. Attain it.
You know you are a Spirit. So fight for the things of the Spirit.
Throw off the dead flesh blanket.
Flesh rots.
Spirit is eternal.
God is waiting for you, child.

Are you standing waiting to touch the hem of His garmet so that you can be healed?
Are you believing that your healing will help to close the wounds in the lives of others thru agape love?
or are you sitting in front of the television, meting away time with things that will have no eternal significance?
If he passes by, will you take notice?
Do you see the plan and the beauty that He has laid out for you?

IF you have called out to Him, then you are already in the race.
Don't listen to the lies that you are not.

He has come that you might have life and have it in abundance.
The full life is the life of joy.
Fight the lies with truth.
The joy life..
It's for you.
It's yours.
Call out to Him.
Join this race.

Won't you dance with me in Heaven someday?

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