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Friday, December 14, 2012

Sigh. Today I am both sick and heartbroken. I keep looking at my boys and thanking God for them. I also keep thinking of the parents today who got a phonecall and were told that their children won’t be coming home from school today. How would one even begin to cope with something like this? How? Yesterday, I went to see the movie, Lincoln with my mom. A part of me wondered if a madman wasn’t goi...
ng to whip out an AK and shoot us during the theater scene.. Even walking through the grocery store, I occasionally half expect to see a crazed lunatic in a bullet proof vest emerge with a semi from the fruit aisle. I don’t live in fear, and yet I realize that this is the world that we live in. It’s sad. I don’t even want to discuss gun issues and laws. Because To me, ,this is a heart issue. Many people are sick. We talk bad about one another, we yell at one another..we are a road rage type of people. These days I am seeing so much anger. We think the world revolves around us..”our needs and wants..” Even our ‘gospel” reflects our behavior. Many of our churches have traded in the Jesus, who came to serve, with the Jesus of hatred and self love. We have traded in the Jesus who taught self denial, with the Jesus who is only concerned with procuring a “nice lifesyle” for ourselves. The result is unprecented greed and a spoiled nation who is quick to point the finger. Don’t we find it ironic that we are fighting terrorism, and yet our people are turning the guns on one another? It’s sad. And even if we aren’t pointing a gun at someone..we are quick to shoot others with our words.

Where is our love? Is what happened today a reflection of what we are becoming? We need to see less denominational hatred and more love..We need to see less self love and more service. We need to serve one another in love the way christ called us to do..instead of judging the poor and those we disagree with.. Christ came to show us that love changes things. He came as the Son of God to teach us that, and yet the message often seems to fall on deaf ears. More on this later.. Love you guys, sorry for my rant..I’m just upset. I know that this doesn’t apply to everyone, but it applys to many.. I once read that the greatest cause of athiesm is Christians who claim to believe in God with their lips, but deny Him in their lifestyle… I know that this isn’t a “belief” issue.. This isn’t about what someone believes..this is about love and the lack of love we are seeing..

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