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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Tonight, the tears came..a tribute to the lives lost at Sandyhook Elementary, Newtown Conneticut

Today, the tears finally came.
Ever since the massacre at Sandyhook Elementary, I have felt immense sadness. I have felt disgust at the senseless act of violence that brought mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters and entire families to their knees.

I have felt pity and compassion and hurt and all sorts of other emotions.
But today, the tears finally came.

sadly, violence is so prevalent in our society, that I fear that we are becoming numb. Mass shootings are getting to be a daily occurance.

How many this week? this month? this year?

Yesterday, I read that Westboro Baptist Church is taking their hatred to the families and community of grieving parents and a devastated community.
I literally wanted to book a plane ticket to Conneticut and use myself as a human shield to block the roads. I felt so angry that a community's grief could be mocked and mimicked..all under the guise of God.

I read about how the community was planning on dressing up as angels and using their wings to sheild the families and the hurt and broken from the rants and taunts of the Westboro hate mongers.

A few weeks ago, I watched a video on facebook..It was a video of a troup of people who went into the mall to sing Christmas carols. They mall goers were stunned and watched in awe as angelic voices filled the busy spaces.

Today, I thought about the power of music. I thought about the power of love. I thought about Mrs. Jeanette. Mrs. Jeanette was my sister in law's mother. She was murdered. I remembered her funeral.
Voices rose out of the darkness to sing amazing grace. I felt like God was saying, In all this darkness, I am here. I am the light that emerges in chaos..

Tonight, I watched a video of children singing, Silent Night, on Saturday Night Live...Sleep in heavenly peace..
I saw the faces of twenty innocent children on facebook and all across the news. I heard the voices of angels singing..
I see the world coming together in love.. people dressing up as angels to offer solace from the hate..

and tonight,
the tears came.
Tears for all those who have ever lost a loved one to senseless violence and hatred.
Tears for the twenty six slain in Conneticut..beautiful children and teachers with names..

Tonight, our president gave a speech. Although I didn't see it..I heard about it..

"Suffer not the little children, and let them come unto me.. For the kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.." Jesus..

Tonight the tears came..and it wasn't from the suffocating violence, it was from the overwhelming acts of love.. and from the reality of loss.. but if we think with minds eternal..then life never ends.. For those who are in Christ yields and it surges into forever..

These are only a few of the faces..

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