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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

a few things i've learned in my 36 years of living

today, I keep thinking on all of the things that I have learned in life, thus far..
If you have read my blog frequently, you have probably heard these things before..
but today, I simply want to expound upon the things that I have learned throughout the course of my 36 years on this earth.

1. Life is better enjoyed with a cup of hot chocolate

2. Life is better understood through the eyes of Jesus, and giving up hot chocolate through fasting and spiritually better than actually drinking it.. is undoubtedly hard to give up hot chocolate

3. There is a spirit world. There are angels and demons.  There is a Heaven and a Hell. These things simply are not Bible rhetoric..nor are they metaphors. They are real, and I have experienced them..but our focus should not be on the supernatural world. Our focus should be on Christ and Christ alone. He is the path to the Father. (NO one comes to Father but through Me,
God is a Spirit of Love..and Love is the greatest gift that anyone could ever recieve..

4. Criminals are people too. I guess I am writing this because I have seen it firsthand. I have seen the depths of despair and hopelessness of what we consider "the dregs of society." We judge them without ever having walked in their shoes. We haven't seen what they have endured. We have not seen the abuses they have faced..While I would never, EVER justify their crimes..I am forced to admit that, society, as a quick to cast them away for life..never once offering them a shred of compassion or a thought of a second chance. Man's laws scream for justice. Christ cries out for mercy.. At least, in many cases.

5. Life is beautiful, but life is hard. We should keep going, anyway..

6. Another human being will never "complete" us.. Only the unconditional love of Christ can make us whole. Then, we get to take that love to others. Therein, lies joy.

7. Telling someone that they are wrong for not judging them. It is love, and it shows that you care about them.

8. Things are great..Money is nice, but happiness is not contingent on these things. True joy comes in a relationship with the Father. Happiness is not a place or a thing. It is assurance of that which you believe, and comfort in knowing that no matter how tough life can matter what curve balls are thrown, there is something greater and more beautiful on the other side...

9. Not all powers or experiences are from God.

10. There are trillions of dollars..maybe billions spent every year on programs, new buildings, and chandeliers at our churches..but the majority of that money, could literally be used to feed the world. If we saw everyone as our brothers and sisters, world hunger would end. If we took God at His word, then we would take care of one another and share our things with one another.

11. Debt is a form of slavery, and I long to be free..(only a few more months :) )

12. God gives each of us gifts. If we used those gifts to make a living and glorify Him, we might find more fulfillment. However, life is not necessarily about our own fulfillment. We should seek to serve God and love our neighbors as ourselves.

13. If we trust God to lead our lives, He will come through for us.. He has shown me this time and time again..He has spoken to me, without fail, on numerous occasion....There have been times when I have asked Him a specific question, and had someone tell me the answer in the strangest of ways the following day. God provides when we trust Him. He is real and for today.

14. I look up to the people who serve in orphanages more than the ones who drive super nice cars, have huge houses, and speak from behind a pulpit.... To me, the servant looks more like Christ.

15. The gospel should NEVER be sold for a profit. Jesus showed me this, Himself. "Freely give as you have been given." We should take care of one another..those in ministry, those with a true heart for Christ, our Brothers, and sisters, the poor, the less fortunate..but we should never be guilt tripped into giving.. The Bible says that we should never give out of Fear or compulsion, but should be generous according to what we have decided in our hearts..

16. All things should be tested against  the Word. Even this post.

17. I am praying that this is the year for more doing. For more acting on our beliefs, rather than just giving lip service.

18. I feel as if God is less concerned about whether or not we have tattoos, than He is about the condition of our hearts. If our hearts are right, that's what matters.. At least, that's my understanding of that huge thing called, Grace.

19. Some people use Grace to justify bad behavior, and even Peter warned that Paul's teachings on Grace would be twisted by some.

20. "The world is too much with us" Give me more of Jesus, than this world anyday. This world will only lure you in, and then let you down. But Jesus is a friend that sticks "closer than a brother."

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