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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Alabama Hostage Situation

right now my heart is hurting for a young child. He is being held hostage in an underground bunker somewhere in a small  town in Alabama. it's a place that I've never heard of, but has yet been put on the map by an act of hatred.

There seem to be a lot of those popping up lately..towns making names for themselves through horrific acts of violence. I would of never heard of newtown, for instance, had it not been for the devastation that captured our hearts and attention. Now, it is a name that I will never forget. Columbine. Aurora..
and the list goes on, and will continue to grow.

I see the demonic in this situation. The man who is holding the  boy is possessed by a demon. Ask me how I know. I've experienced enough of the demonic to know when it rears its ugly head. I can see the darkness when it presents itself. But I can also see the light..That is my God given ability - the ability to differentiate between the beauty and the power of God and the disgusting and relentless hatred of the darkness.

There is a realm that we don't recongize and yet, I can see it clearly for what it is. If the world, acknowledged Satan, then then the world would be forced to acknowlege things like sin and greed and corruption. But the world would also realize that there was a living and loving Savior who wants to teach us to truly live.. He wants to show us the abundant life... a life.. not measured in things, but rooted and flowing in the purest and most perfect love.

Today, I kept thinking about the parents of the child trapped in the house. I kept thinking of the bus driver who was relentlessly shot. And I think of the man responsible. He is already imprisoned and held captive by forces that he doesn't even recognize. At some point in time, he chose a path and the darkness only grew inside of him. He doesn't realize or know anything of  grace, and I can't help but wonder if anyone has ever taken the time to tell him.

In the world, we repay hatred for hatred. we keep tabs and we always vie for justice.
Today, I kept thinking of how to free this boy. I kept thinking of the law enforcement officers with their megaphones trying to get him out of there alive. I kept wondering what it was they were saying to the man, what kind of negotiations they were trying to make.

And for a split second, I just truly wished that I had the microphone for a just a moment. I would tell the man about grace and love and how Jesus wants to set him free from the demons that are affflicting him.
I would tell him my story, about how I was a horrible person that once did some pretty ugly things myself... But Jesus set me free from all of that and showed me the most brilliant and beautiful light.

I know this post won't sit well with some people. that's fine. Anything you say can't hurt me. I've been through hell enough, and all I can say is that I will pray for your freedom also.

Join me in praying for everyone involved in this situation. The victims. The perpetrator. The police with the megaphone.. that they may see when negotiations fail..there is always love.

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