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Thursday, February 7, 2013

little warrior

I love how God changes our perspectives. Today, I was watching Brendan playing. He was swinging a shirt around his little head and jumping around.
On most days, I would've told him to pipe down. I probably would have told him to quit swinging the shirt, and then presented him with the option of time out. I would have let the entire display frazzle my nerves, and then became frustrated when he didn't listen to my rants and ravings about discipline.

Today, Jesus changed my perspective. I could hear Him whispering..Let the children, be children...Suddenly, I didn't see that I had an out of control toddler on my hands. I saw a young boy, spinning around in childlike freedom.

I saw a young boy, not violently swinging around a shirt, but a young boy displaying that one day he will be brave.

One day, the boy will be a leader, not swinging around shirt..but hopefully wielding light to cut through darkness.
Taking words of Truth to shine into dark places..being the leader that he was always created to be.

Although discipline is important, we should give children the freedom to simply be..who they were always created to be..
In little Bear's case..he is a leader. A warrior of sorts..but it is up to me  to see that, as a little warrior, he doesn't use violence, but sees the force of love as the greatest weapon of all.

I'm his mamma, and that is what I want to teach him.

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