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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

i want to squeeze you to....

The other day I was reading a article about the findings of a particular study. The subject matter of the research was rather strange. A scientist set out to find why we say things like, "I want to squeeze you to death." She was trying to figure out why we would say something so violent to the people that we love.  The study mentioned something about our violent tendencies and used all kinds of jargon to prove a probably already preconceived notion.
Truthfully, it sounded like a huge waste of money...but, as I was driving home, I started thinking.. "Why do we say things like that? And the answer struck me as rather beautiful..
Perhaps, when we love something so much, we simply want to hold onto it for all time and never let it go..

Hey boys, I love.. and I want to squeeze you..,,,ok..maybe it does sound a little violent.. :)

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