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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My crazy, daring new year's wishes

today I keep thinking of "new year's resolutions"
Truthfully, I don't even keep resolutions, so I ultimately consider them a waste of time..
However, I once read that if you are going to make resolutions, then they should be something attainable and not too far out of reach..That way, if you fail..then you won't feel like such a failure..

with all of that considered, I suppose that I don't have any "resolutions" per se..but, I do have things that I would love to accompish..
More than anything, I would like to set aside "personal ambition" and truly allow Christ to work through me..
This requires a setting aside of self..

People probably often wonder why it is so important to set aside self..
Despite the fact that the word says that it is critical, I think that it is the greatest form of love.. ONly when we set aside our selves, does Christ truly have the opportunity to be Christ. Only when we are willing to humble ourselves, are we ever really poised to grow....
Love lays down it's life for its friends. Love is best exemplified through self sacrifice.

The other day I kept thinking about how..I want this to be the year of going into people's homes..and conversing with strangers.

I read something the other day. I watched a video and a man was talking about what happens when Hurricane's strike. He was talking about the thousands of displaced people. He wondered why Christians aren't opening up their homes to care for strangers displaced during times of natural disaster.

I started thinking about what he was saying.. Why aren't we opening up our homes more?
I started thinking of going into homes to share the love of Christ..and truthfully, a part of me, was slightly afraid..
I started thinking of all of the slasher films I had seen in my "worldly" days.
But one thing that I am aware of is that, as a society, we often base our thoughts in irrational fears.
But, what are we afraid of?
The Bible says to not fear man, but rather fear God.. and He also says that Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.
He says that He hasn't given us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of Power, of Love, and of a sound mind..

So, why do we fear letting people, "strangers" in our homes? why do we fear walking across the block to tell others what Christ has done in our lives?
Is Christ doing something in your life?
ARe you giving Him that kind of liberty or are you listening to a wide path gospel message that  tells you that you don't have to do those kinds of things? Even though the Bible says to preach to good news to every living creature? and to make disciples of all men?

I want this year to be a year of fearlessness.

On another note,. this is the year when I will be debt free. This is the year where I trust God, and begin to work my way out of our man made systems..of debt and financial slavery.

If I were to choose a few things that I simply wanted for this year..then I would have to say..Travel.
I want to travel.
The other day, I made candles out of coconut shells. I want to be more creative and use the gifts that God has given me...I want to start my own buisness, at some point in life.. make my own hours, spend more time with my children..
I want to have a foot washing. I want to invite people into my home, and lavish love upon them..I want people to see less of  Rachelle and more of Jesus.

I want to visit my friends in Italy, and order Rosetta Stone. I still want to ride a scooter, but I guess I may just lay that down for now.
I want to parasail.

I want to be content eating more fruits and vegetables..
I want to invite the lonliest of people to eat dinner on my front porch..
I want to entertain strangers.

I want to finally get around to recording the songs I've written..and then giving them away..
I want to find more joy in giving and give abundantly..
I want to be more like Jesus

What are your new years wishes, resolutions, desires?

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