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Monday, September 26, 2011

Daring to Love

Latley, I have been blessed.

I have been given the opportunity to have my life intersect with the life of strangers in need.

Have you ever wondered if the people we meet in this life are placed there for a reason? I have.

Each person we meet gives us a unique and wonderful opportunity. We can choose to share love with each and every person we see....on the street corner. in the supermarket.

We can choose love.

I had sent some baby booties to a girl several months ago. She emailed me and told me of a family that was in a dire situation and needed help to get thier electricity turned back on.

So I used some of the money from my work bonus that I had set aside for the sole purpose of helping others, and I merged with life with the life of strangers - a mother and her son.

I spoke this lady on the phone and she told me of how one of her sons had died in a drowning accident ten years ago. She spoke of life problems and the difficult and dire situation she was facing. Her husband had left her for the bottle. I could go on and on...but I don't want to reveal too much.

Today, I had the opportunity to speak with another stranger. Another family that is in dire straights. This family needs clothes for a newborn baby boy.

I could've turned my back on these strangers. But I chose to love. I chose to take the opportunity to give so they could see and know the love of Christ.

Isn't that what living and loving are about? Taking a chance...daring to love and to give others hope in something bigger and better than ourselves. Daring to realize and acknowledge that each soul is beautiful and each unique.

Daring to recognize that some people only need to be placed in a love soil in order to grow.

I am daring to love. I have never been happier and my heart has never been fuller.

I had the opportunity to write letters to the these women. In one of the letters I wrote about how I always thought that "blessings" meant riches. But latley, I have seen that the blessings are in the sacrifice.

A choice towards love is something that we will never regret. It will make moments that will last forver and fuse lives together that would have never come together otherwise.

So today, make the choice towards love. Act in your purpose, and watch good things grow.

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