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Monday, September 26, 2011

Wonderful visions

Recently, I made a huge decision.
I'm still working on the post that explains the whys of it all, and how I got to that point,
but I have decided to give God something.
He told me that if I would sell it and use the money to spread His Light around, He would lead me into beautiful places. Places of the heart. The mind. And physically beautiful places.

So, I have reached a point where I am ready to move forward.
Last night, as I was driving home, I began to have the most wonderful visions.

I could see flowers that did not die. I could see women dancing, in the purest and most graceful form.

I could see life and the fact that I am being thrust into this wonderous reality.
I becoming aware that I am something much, much bigger than myself.

This reality, this life in Christ, is the substance of realness and Truth.

Sin is the illusion. It leads us into places that have the allure of the "magic." It beckons us with a false light. And when it has us, it crushes, it breaks, it destroys.

That is why this world is the crazy, messed up place that it is...because of the allusion of sin. But this life, this Light, can grow and can break through the corridors of darkness.

To live a life of Truth is wonderful. I feel as if, through these visions, heaven is slowly unfolding before my very eyes.

So many of these visions are born out of love.
Love is like a cacoon.
When we allow it to unfold,
it turns into something that lives and breathes.
And before we know it, we are soaring into realms of undiscovered beauty.

That is the power of His love.

All of this love is born of sacrifice...the beauty in the letting go.
Letting go of self is one of the most difficult things.
But it is love in its purest form...
because when we let go of self,
we find the heart of Jesus

I'm not going to lie, today started off a little shaky. I am still dealing with attacks from the Enemy, but I am learning to drown out his voice with the love and the promises of God.

Today, my husband discovered that he has a nasty staph infection. A friend of mine is going through a major battle. Everywhere I look someone is struggling or suffering.

Today I was at the grocery store and I could see sad faces all around me. We look like the walking dead. No one speaks to one another. No one rarely smiles.
But Jesus showed me something. It only takes one. It only takes a spark from one person to light an entire forest on fire.
We are the trees of that forest. We can have the dead leaves that darkness gives. Or we can choose to be the flowers that do not die.

Today, I could see myself doing something kindof crazy. When I sell this thing that God has told me to sell,
I could see myself hanging out in the grocery store for a day...buying people's food and telling them that Jesus loves them immensely.
I want people to see what true Christianity looks like.
It means going above and beyond what is expected. It is the true, genuine concern for others souls such that we are willing to sacrifice any and everything to see others live, and breathe...and know the wonders and the beauty of Christ.

Today, my heart broke for the people around me that are suffering needlessly.
I cried on my way to work. when i got there I felt a little drained. I felt like hiding in a cave.
or drowing out life with the sounds of a television. I felt that my heart was breaking for all the people around me...
But then Jesus whispered in my ear....

"A heart that breaks for someone, is a heart worth having."

Break my heart, Lord...and then let your Love put it back together.

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