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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Miracle Happened Last Night!

One thing I have learned is that Jesus has a very distinct voice. When we heed His voice, He will answer our prayers.

Yesterday, I went to visit my grandmother. As I saw her I had to hold back tears because of her condition. It appeared that she had suffered a mild stroke. She kept calling my son a girl. I watched her as she stared off in space. Yesterday, I honestly thought that my grandmother had only a few days to live.

She has suffered for many months now. Her stomach is swollen. Yesterday when I saw her, I could hear her rattling. It nearly brought me to tears because she looked and seemed so helpless and pitiful.

Lately, Jesus has urged me to give up many things. He taught me that love is exemplified through our sacrifices. His death was the greatest sacrifice and the greatest act of Love.

I honestly haven't wanted to give up these things, but He has given me a vision for my life.
It is very clear and His voice is very specific when we open our ears to hear Him.

Last night, I woke up in the middle of the night. I had a dream. I knew that the dream was in relation to my grandmother. In the dream I was climbing up a cliff. There were a few other people with me but I can't remember who.

I dreamt that we climbed to a particular spot on the cliff. It was very dangerous. I knew in the dream that it would be almost impossible to continue. But then I remembered God. I knew that God makes the impossible, possible. I knew that with His help, climbing the cliff would be easy. He was going to carry us up the cliff or give us the strengh to make the journey easy.

Before, we made it to the top....something awoke me.

I laid there for about twenty minutes and I felt a very strong urge to pray for my grandmother. I was very tired, but I knew that I had to pray for her.

So I got up. As I got down on my knees, I knew that Jesus was with me. I prayed.
I couldn't really go back to sleep. I was up for hours praying for other people, as well.

Needless, to say I was a little cranky and groggy this morning.

This morning I called my grandmother's phone number. My mom answered. She told me that my grandmother had taken a 100 degree turn from the day before. She went to the doctor and was dancing in the car on her way home. She was talking of cooking a gumbo.

My friends, this is a miracle. Only yesterday, my grandmother was staring off into space, barely responisve, wheezing out her last breaths....

but God....

But God hears our prayers. He answers His faithful. He is wonderful and I want to dedicate this post to thanking Him.

Thank you, Jesus. Thank you for your miracle.

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