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Saturday, October 1, 2011

False Teachers

Dear (insert your name here),

Lately I have felt as if Jesus would have me to point out false teachings. I'm sad that there is even such a thing as "false teachings" but the Bible warns us that many will be led astray by wolf in sheeps clothing. I'm sad because I have a true heart for the people around me and I don't want them to buy into something that is not Real. I don't want them to fall for the lies that are mixed in with truths.

Jesus has shown me so many things. I look at His life and I see a life of humility. I see a life of sacrifice. I see a Man who abandoned everything He owned, in order to set people free from the bondage sin and death. I see a Man who gave and gave and gave. I see a Man who exemplified love in such a way, that He was willing to die for the very people that mocked Him.

Lately, I have heard the term "prosperity teaching" floating around. It keeps coming up and it is no accident. I used to be a fan of Joel Osteen. I like Joel Osteen. But I don't believe that all that he teaches is sound and truly "Christlike".... As Christians, we are called to be "Christlike"..
wouldn't that mean walking in the ways of Christ? Giving, sacrifing, loving others in such a way that self comes dead last. I have listened to a few of Joel's sermons and my eyes were opened to a few things. Joel believes that God wants to make us rich. He wants us to have the best houses, the nicest cars, and all of the fine things in life. Hmmmm. Does that sound like Christ? No, it doesn't. Didn't Christ live humbly so that He could freely give of Himself to others? Yes, He did.

Joel wants to make us feel good. Christ wants us to carry our cross so that lives can be changed and people can come to Him through an overwhelming and Christlike love.

In one sermon, Joel talks about how God will get the last laugh at our enemies. Really? Didn't Christ teach us to love our enemies and to bless those that curse us? God isn't laughing. He is crying that people are preaching such hatred.

There are scores of teachers, preachers, evangelists, "people of God"...that claim to know Him...and speak about Him..but truly aren't walking the walk of faith. It bothers me when I see "Christians" will mulitmillion dollar homes and private jets. Joyce Myers has a private jet and a several multi million dollar homes. She says that she is blessed.

One thing I am learning is that blessings come in the form of giving. I honestly don't think I could live with myself if I had all of that wasted wealth in my life. Doesn't Christ call us not to have our best life now, so that we can store up our treasures in heaven?

How many children could be clothed and orphans fed with the money from one of those homes? Some days I feel Christ's love welling up inside me so deeply that I know I could sell everything I own in order to affect one life or cause only one person to come to Christ. It hurts me to see greed passed off as "blessings"..ouch!

The purpose of this post is simply so people will recognize and compare the life of Jesus to the ones that they are following on televison, on twitter, and whatever medium is available.

Don't be decieved into thinking that God wants you to be rich. God calls us to carry our crosses. He calls us to care for orphans, widows. He asks us to pray for the sick and let His name be known. He calls us to take the hard path...

He even said, "narrow is the path and few will find it.."
So I sadly wonder what will happen to all of these "prosperity" preachers and the ones who are busy trying to earn God's favor so that they can be rich and blessed..

We already have God's favor, as Christians. We have a Light that He gave it. He told us not to focus on ourself...or "our" blessings" but to look to Him so that we can Know Him ....
and then He asks us to care, not for ourselves, but for the people around us....

Look at the fruits of the Spirit...humility...Humility is denying self so that Christ's love can be shown in and through us...
But humility isn't something preached by the "prosperity" preachers. They, instead, teach what can God do for me...very rarely do they preach, What can I do for God.

Just be aware. This message is written in love. Only in following Christ's teachings will we ever really truly find our way.

I'm sad because there don't seem to be many out there that are living the true life that Christ has called us to live. I recently read a book entitled Crazy Love. I was both blessed and inspired reading about the countless people that carried thier crosses and lived the gospel. People who brought Light into dark places and sacrificed creature comforts so that others could know the true love of Jesus.

I hope that one day my life can be lived in such a way. That people will say, That is what if meant to be Christian. Jesus has given me a dream and a vision. I will share it in an upcoming post.
I am sad. i am sad. i am sad. I am sad. I am sad because I can see so much darkness. I can see people around me that are lost and hurting. I see people that have turned away from God because they see corruption and the abuse of finances. I am sad that many of todays Christian leaders aren't setting true examples.

I once read that the original tithe of the church was meant for helping others. It was meant to reach out to those with nothing. It was meant to provide hope for the destitute and weak.
But it seems now many churches feel it necessary to use tithes to "bless" the preachers and "bless" thier own lives. They feel it necessary to build mulit million dollar churches instead of going out and spreading the true Light of Jesus.

For all those that are reading this that are not man for your comfort or your answers. You will be sorely disappointed. You may even be taken. But seek ye first the Kingdom of God, knock and the door will be opened, seek and you will find.

God Bless

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