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Thursday, October 13, 2011

What is your legacy?

Last week I read about a Kentucky woman who dedicated nearly all of her spare time to seeking out the homeless. She was being hailed as a hero on a popular news website.

I was deeply moved by her compassion, and thankful that she had received recognition for her service and sacrifice. All too often, evil is rewarded over good.

The story mentioned how she handed out over a thousand blankets in her community to men, women, and children that are forced to live in horrible conditions.

Her name is Kris Bridgman. Her name will be remembered by many. She is weaving a legacy of love.

I can see God beaming with joy as He watches this woman, sacrificing her own comfort for the needs of the less fortunate.

She inspired me. Isn't that what we all need in some way?

Someone to inspire us towards the things of Christ. Christ is inspiring and it is beautiful to see His will, as it gracefully plays out in the lives of others.

We gain courage from seeing courageous people.

Since I read the story of Kris Bridgman, I have decided to donate blankets to our local homeless shelter or food bank. Last week, I inquired on facebook as to whether anyone else would like to participate.
I got an overwhelming zero responses.

I couldn't help but become a bit disappointed. I wondered whether or not people are taking God's commands seriously?
Clothe the naked. I know that blankets arent' clothes, but they do provide warmth.

Are people "christians" literally so wrapped up in themselves that they can't find the time from "thier" busy schedules to show the love of Christ to someone in need?

To me, there is no greater joy than acting out in faith, knowing that a seed has been planted in someone's heart.

To the people that are doing absolutely nothing, but still play church. Don't you realize that He will pick you up when you fall, but He expects you to be His arms here on earth.
He gave you hands for working and for planting. It should be done with joy and thanksgiving. It is His command and it should not be taken lightly.
He doesn't force us to help others. He doesn't force His name from our lips. But if He is truly in our hearts, then we will delight in speaking about Him.

We are called to be bold. I remember when I first became a Christian, I truly thought I was acting in boldness when I reposted a facebook message saying that I wasn't ashamed of Christ.
I think it is beautiful when people share thier faith and love on facebook.
But our God expects more from us.

On judgement day, He isn't going to care how many facebook messages we "repost". He is going to judge us by our works and our true acts of courage and boldness.
He is going to judge us based on whether or not we obeyed His commands.
But I am thankful for many of those messages. They show me that there are people out there with hearts for Christ. It shows me that there are people still seeking.

What makes me sad, however, is when I see "Christians" posting their messages and speaking of Christ when thier lives are littered with lies and curses pour from thier lips.

We are called to me more by being less.
Let us leave legacies of love.
Let's not walk in the futile footsteps of self, but climb the ladder of faith that leads to love.

Let our names be remembered by our acts of kindness to others.
Better yet, let His name be glorified through our acts of kindness to others.

Let's do more than play church. If every church in America burned to the ground, Christ is still King and God is still God.
Let's not play church. Let's live Christ.

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