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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Crazy Love

Crazy Love is a breath of fresh air, written by a man deeply in love with God..

It is both challenging and beautiful.

The book touches on the subject of lukewarm Christians. God said that if we are lukewarm, then He will spit us out of His mouth. It is better to be hot or cold.

Francis Chan points out that there are many Christians that just blend in. It's hard to tell they are even Christian, except for the fact that they grace the church pew every week.

A true Christian should be madly and deeply in love with God. In this brilliant book, Francis shows us what that kind of Crazy Love looks like.

I think every Christian should read this book. Every non Christian should read this book. There are few true living examples out there of what Christianity is supposed to look like.
This book is convicting because it causes us to look at our lives and seeing if they match up to God's word.

If anybody wants to borrow my copy, message me....
I love this book, and highly recommend reading it...
I love the people that inspire and Chan is one to inspire

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