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Saturday, October 29, 2011

for those in less than pleasant relationships

the other the midst of what I thought was a "storm".....

I began to reflect on my life.

I began, mainly, to reflect on my relationships with men.

I could tell of horror story after horror story. Each one ending the same.

Complete failure. Total defeat.

I think there may be a country song for every one of my disappointments.

I have always wondered...What would it be like to trust someone? Completely and totally surrender to someone that I trusted? I have been lied to so many times by the men in my life that I have no trust left for them.

Not much, anyway.

I know that there are good guys out there, but not many.

Not many men have a heart that looks like Christ.

I"m writing this because in the not too distant past, I received what I thought was another blow to my marital situation.

On the surface, the waters look grim. But if you look deep then I see the face of Jesus in the entire situation.

He is there even when we do not see Him.

He is there with loving, open arms of security and comfort.

I have prayed for change for so long. But it seems that while God may not have changed the person that I am praying for,

He is completing a work within me.

and I know that God has heard my prayers.

I think that sometimes He justs wants to teach us that we aren't to put our trust in "man."

Sometimes I think that He wants to pick us up when we fall. He wants to be the one to dust us off, and set us back on the path.

I have always longed for a man to really know me. It seems as if I have always had to hide some aspect of myself to men. Even my own husband. I feel as if he doesn't really know me.

Maybe in a superficial way. He doesn't know Christ, so how can he know me, if I am becoming made into His likeness?

I know that he can see Jesus in me, but there is still a very wide gap between us that limits who and what we are to one another. Only Jesus can burn that bridge.

While I was thinking of my failure with men, a song came on....

It's called, "Known" by Audrey Assad

It reminded me how Christ knows us, even when men don't seem to get it...He knows us.


Here are the lyrics: Known

As the dew falls on the blade

You have touched all this fragile frame

And as a mother knows her baby's face

You know me

As the summer air within my chest

I have breathed You deep down into my breast

And as You know the hairs upon my head

Every thought and every word I've said

Savior, You have known me as I am

Healer, You have known me as I was

As I will be

In the morning in the evening

You have known me

Yeah, you know me

And as the exhilaration of autumn's bite

Oh, You have brought these tired bones to brilliant life

and as the swallow knows, she knows the sky

This is how it is with You and I

From the fall of my heart to the resurrection of my soul

You know me, God

And You know my ways

In my rising and my sitting down

You see me as I am

Oh, see me as I am

And as a lover knows His beloved's heart

All the shapes and curves of her, even in the dark

Oh, You have formed one in my inward parts

And You know me

You have always known me

You know me

You have always known my heart


am not completely familiar with the book Song of Solomon, but I have always heard that it was written to show the love that Christ has for His people. It is very divine and also very intimate. It reveals how He knows and loves us as no one else can.

Totally, wholly, and completely.

He knows our thoughts, our hearts. every breath,

His desire is for us....


After I heard the song playing on the radio, I couldn't help but cry.

Someone does know me, after all. And He loves me anyway.

And whoever is reading this, He loves you too.

They say that God is a jealous God. You are His Beloved, and His desire is for you.

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