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Saturday, October 22, 2011

what will Heaven be like?

The past few days have been very difficult for me. They have been gut wrenching to say the least. My grandmother has been in the hospital. The doctors say that her kidneys and liver are failing.

I love my grandmother. We have always been very close. She has been steadfast in my life, someone who has been there for me at all times and in every situation. She has loved me despite my flaws. She has believed in me and prayed for me when I chose my own wayward, dark paths. God, I love my grandmother.

I guess when people get old, we begin to prepare for thier death. But are we ever really prepared? Actually, I thought I was prepared for the possibile passing of my grandmother. But now that death is staring me in the face, I have come to realize that this is going to be much more difficult and trying than I thought it would be.

Time has only increased my love for my grandmother.

I think it's hard to completely and totally trust God while staring in the face of death. It's hard because we see the suffering. We see with our eyes, the body as it ceases to exist,,, as it stops living...

But, the one thing I have learned and can attest to with every fiber of my this:

There is more than what we see.
There is a God, and He is good.
His Word is true.
My experiences have taught me this.

So what will heaven be like?
I have read books on heaven. I have delved into the lives of strangers who claimed to have seen Heaven....
I don't know how to differentiate between what is fact or fiction, but many people from many different walks of life describe striking similarities about thier experiences.

They say that there will be many children in heaven. Many of our loved ones will greet us. Our children, if they have passed, will greet us.

They say that the colors are brilliant and that the colors are like none that can be seen anywhere on this earth. They say the music is so beautiful that any music on earth is just clanging noise in comparison.
They say that there are flowers that, when you walk upon them, do not die beneath your feet.

They say that each of us has our own mansion. They say that, in Heaven, we can do many of the things that we liked to do on earth....swim, cook, dance, sing, ....

They say that in heaven, there is gratitude.

That is what people are saying about Heaven.

Those things sound true, but I can only speak of what I have experienced of Heaven.

so this is what I have to say about heaven......

One night, about a year ago, I had a dream. Jesus told me that if I would sell some specific belongings and give the money to help others, then He would give me knowledge.....
So I committed to doing that....

that night I had a dream...
I dreamt that Jesus was standing next to a very brilliant ball of Light. It was white and gold and it seemed as if it were alive. In the presence of this very small Light, there was more peace and more joy than I have ever experienced in my entire life...

When I woke up, I asked Jesus what the dream meant,
He reminded me that God is often described as a Light. He said that, as Christians, each of us has that Light within us and that it is our duty to share it with others....He then reminded me of the immense joy and peace I felt in the presence of such a small light.
He said, Multiply that feeling by millions and that is the feeling of heaven.

I know that this dream may sound strange to many people...but if you take nothing else from it, at least know this:

Heaven will be a place of complete joy, complete serenity, and a very surreal sense of peace. I don't think that our human minds can even begin to comprehend the immense mysteries and vastness of heaven.

There are days when I remember what it felt like to be in the prescense of that Light, and all I can say is that....I long for be in that Light is to be embraced in complete serenity, complete safety, and complete love.

Heaven will be all of those things.

My aunt told me about a dream she had. She dreamt that my grandmother was wearing a white gown ...she was dancing in a field of flowers...the flowers would change colors..there was no need for words...only thoughts...thoughts would change the colors of the flowers.

Sometimes, as I pray...I feel as if Jesus gives me very small glimpes of Heaven.
Once, I could see a vision of flowers that did not die.
Another time, I simply saw women dancing...they were dancing in a very pure and graceful way.....they were dancing a dance of gratitude to thier Creator...

And sometimes, Jesus shows me heaven in another way. He has shown me what certain people would look like in Heaven. People that rarely smile. I can see thier heads titled back and they are laughing. A very pure and a very real laugh...

In heaven, there will be laughter. A very real and a very sincere laughter.

What does the Bible say about Heaven?
It says there will be no sickness, no Death...
It says that He has prepared many rooms for us.

"eyes has not seen, nor ear heard, nor can any heart comprehend the things that God has planned for those that love Him."

so while I am very sad about the prospect of my grandmother dying,
I believe in Heaven. I believe in Jesus.
And something tells me that everything will be alright.

There is one verse that I cling to:

Set your eyes on things above and not on things below.....

The things above are the the things that we cannot see,
God, and Heaven...
But just because we cannot see them, doesn't mean that they aren't there...

The world of the unseen is more real to me than ever...
because I have experienced the supernatural...
Because I know God...

I know that there is a Heaven.
Chances are....if you are reading this...I'll see you there someday.
Because I pray for you nightly.
Love ya

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