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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Rest in Me

Remember the Sabbath and to Keep it Holy

Today is Sunday. There are days when I inevitably have to work on Sundays. Today, I woke up and thanked Him for His Special Day of Rest. I asked Him how I could honor Him today.

He whispered something personal in my ear..... and He told me something else, "Rest in Me."

I was driving to work and a small bit of worry came over me. He has given me a heart to pray for the people at my job. He has given me a heart that longs to see them happy and whole. Occassionally, I worry about how they will recieve the love of Christ. I can see that many are resistant to opening themselves to His Love.

I said a prayer, "Lord, let your love flow from me in such a way...that is comes as natural as a breath."

Rest in Me. Cast all of your cares upon me.

As I began to truly rest in Him, I began to feel His Love. I can see how that rest can let the waters of love flow more naturally.

Sometimes I try to force things. I try to do and do and do....but sometimes, all we need to do is rest. Rest in Him. He will do the rest.

Today, I saw some amazing video footage of the bioluminescent tides that are gracing the shores of southern California. The tides look as if they are glowing. There are shades of the purest blue, rolling with the waves. I could see the work of His hand.

I watched a video of the Northern Lights. I can see the the most dazzling of lights flashing across the purest sky. The air is cold. I can smell hot chocolate. I can paint of a picture in my mind of my family there. Laughing, amazed at the wonder of the working of Hands.

Rest in me. I pray that one day He shows me these wonders.

Please say some prayers for the lost today. Honor Him today. Today is His day. Rest in Him. Let His presence fill your soul. You will be satisfied. Love will flow freely and effortlessly.


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