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Sunday, October 2, 2011

the things that numb us, are the things that dumb us

this post is anti-television. I loathe that little black box. I can't even count the number of times, I have longed for interaction and closeness with those around me, but it seems as if everyone is glued to the t.v...staring off into empty space, living someone else's life...

Life is too short! Live, make memories. Do things that matter.
Go to the beach, learn something new, make cookies with your kids, knit something for an elderly person, pray, learn about your Creator....


I can see the allure of television. I have often turned to it when I am depressed. It has the effect of an anthestetic. It numbs. Don't get me wrong, it can be grossly entertaining. I have often been lured into the lives of others...

But it hurts when I can see relationships that need mending ....and people choose television over people in thier lives.

It doesn't fill. It is empty. It is numbing. And the things that numb us , are the things that dumb us...

Today, choose to live. Turn off the t.v.
Get close to God. Hug the person next to you. Have a water balloon fight. Fly a kite or camp in the yard.
Just please, turn off the television.

It seems that lately, my heart and mind have been so wrapped in God and the amazing truths that He reveals to me... I feel as if my reality has completely changed. I feel like I am thrust into a wonderous world...but when I turn on the televison...I am thrust back into a world where God does not exist.

I love the show 24. But God doesn not exist on 24. There are many shows that I find genuinely entertaining, but I am finding the reality of God to be much better. I am finding that I would rather be in places where He is welcome, rather than in places that He doesn't exist.

Don't take this the wrong way. God exists. He is the reality. Televison is the illusion. Anything else is the illusion. God exists whether the t.v. is on or not.

all i'm trying to say is that it is easy to forget about God while the t.v is on, because He is not usually a topic of television shows. or at least not in a true, positive light...

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