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Thursday, October 6, 2011


For several years, I took Benadryl as a sleep aid. Without it, I would lie awake for hours, unable to sleep.
One night I felt Jesus urging me to give up my benadryl.
But Jesus, how will ever get to sleep?

Trust in Me.
This is going to be hard, I have taken this medicine for years, why would you ask me to give up benadryl, that sounds silly, Lord.

Trust in Me.

So I gave up my benadryl.
And i slept like a baby.

Through this, Jesus showed me that He wasn't anti benadryl....He simply wanted me to rely on Him for my rest. He simply used this as one way of showing me that He can be trusted.
And that He will provide for our needs when we step out in faith by doing something that is hard and doesn't necessarily make sense.

It may seem trite to some people ..the giving up of benadryl...but through it...Jesus showed me that He is faithful to keep His promises. But I never would have learned the lesson if I hadn't done what He asked.

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