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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It only takes a spark; and waking up with a horrible feeling

This is one of those posts that I really don't want to write. But I feel I must.

Lately, Jesus has shown me so many things. These past few weeks have been almost overwheming. I have experiened so much. The miracle with my grandmother, and many things that took place on my trip to the grand canyon. I have had dreams. I have seen visions. I have been fought and attacked. I have experienced darkness in unimaginable ways....but through it all I know that His hand is upon me. He is my guide. He is my rest and my peace.

This is all rather new to me. He truly began doing a work in me a little over a year ago. The purpose of this blog is to show many of the things that He has done in my life....He is so real. I wish people could wrap their minds around that because it would cause them to seek. And in the seeking, there is finding....and in the Truth...

In the finding is this undeniable, unquestionable Truth. Everything else is the illusion. Once you see the very hand of God, everything else seems strange and alien almost.

I don't expect many people to understand this blog, but I felt led to share some things He laid on my heart. I wish that this was a "feel good" message meant to inspire others. I have several of them on this blog, but this isn't one of them.

Lately, I have dedicated myself to prayer. Fervent prayer and seeking. I seek Him on my way to work, I seek Him at home, I seek Him so much throughout the day. He is my source of peace, of rest, and of Truth.

He has shown me the importance of turning down the noise, and sitting in the silence. I think that is the reason why He has shown me so many things. Simply because I am willing to give Him my time.

Not only that, He knows that I would give Him anything He asks. Anything.


Because I trust Him. Because I have heard His voice, and I have seen how He keeps His promises. Because when He speaks to me, I am often faithful to answer. Not always. I have failed in some cases, but I am just so happy that He speaks to me. "My sheep know my voice, I know them, and they follow me." John 10:27

I have become one of His sheep and more than anything else, I long to see other sheep come into his flock. I long to see the lost, come to know Him. I long to see Him glorified.

He has given me a very deep, deep concern for others. It is unimaginable and, at times, it is often overwhelming.

One thing that I have learned is this: This Christian walk is not easy. It wasn't meant to be easy. It's easy to follow candy coated living, while quoting a few scriptures, but to truly do what Jesus asks is hard. It's hard to take a stand when no one wants to listen. It's hard when He asks you to give up some of your things so that others can have a chance at something. It's hard telling people about your experiences with the supernatural, knowing that you may be ridiculed. It's hard because He asks you to work harder when you would rather sit.
There have been nights when He has asked me to get out of bed and pray for people. I didn't want to, I was tired and my body longed for sleep and rest... But I did it anyway. It is hard. It is sacrifice. But He is our strength and our provider. He is our rest.

It's hard pointing out things to people that you think are wrong when you know that they may become offended....It's hard! ....That is why they call this the narrow path....

So why do it? Because it is real! Because there is Beauty and peace and wonder. There is a reality that consumes every part of your being. It pushes you forward and it gives you strength.

Already, I can see relationships restoring, and lives being healed. I can see things that He will do even though He hasn't even done them yet. That is called faith, and it is a powerful force.

But, when you have seen the face of darkness and been wrapped in the arms of Light, then you Know that there is only one way to move...and that is forward. You Know that once you have experienced what it is to actually be in that Light....there is nothing else. Nothing else in the world that matters. Because you know that the Light is eternal. You Know!

Today and on occassion I feel a sense of warning. I feel like God is trying to warn His people of something. But I feel as if many people aren't listening. Many people are playing church, but aren't really seeking His true face.

When is the last time, you got down on your knees and spent time with Him. Not five minutes. Not ten minutes. But when is the last time, you have really just sought Him..wholeheartedly...
turned down the radio, even the praise music, and just sought Him.

I feel as if He is trying to tell us something. I'm not a doomsday prophet by any means, but sometimes I wonder what the future holds. I feel like I keep being led to verses in the Bible that I really don't even like to read. The hard verses. The verses that people don't talk about.

The verses that say calamity is coming. The verses that say to pray because those times will be horrific. Those verses are there whether we want them to be or not.

I don't know when we will see them, but I do know this....

He wants people to be ready. To be prepared. As Christians, we are warriors. He is our strength. He is our teacher. He is our refuge.

Things are going to happen in this world whether we believe on Him or don't believe on Him...but one thing I know for certain is this...

If and when something does happen, i can rejoice knowing in the fact that I was faithful through the good times. I can rest in the fact that I did what He asked and that my prayers are heard.

He wants us all to get to that point. Don't look to the things below. Set your eyes on the things above. Don't worry. Just seek. Seek like never before.

The Bible is a book of action. Never in the Bible does it say, be content just going to church. Be content watching television. Be content with a little here and little there.

The Bible tells us to do! It is an instruction manual. It doesn't always guarantee our safety, but it does lead us into His Truth.

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you....

Added unto you, that phrase keeps resonating in my mind. He is our provider. He gives. His blessing don't always equate to world wealth. He has shown me that He is more than that. There are days when I feel I could walk around with nothing more than the clothes on my back and the shoes on my feet, why? Because He is more. He is not our cars. Or our houses. He is not any of those things. He is so much more than people realize or even give Him credit for.

Let Him take you into the places of Truth. It is a journey. Once you have walked in His Truth, then you will sit amazed at the magnitude and wonder of it all!

Tonight, there is a very real part of me that would rather be doing something else. Something that didn't require so much of myself, but here I am...because of the greatest thing of all.

His Love. His love is so huge and so magnanimous that it drove Him to a Cross.

His Love is so huge that He urges us to move forward and He gives the greatest strength and the greatest force of all -LOVE.

Today, so much of what I am seeing in Christianity in general is sugarcoated. It is displayed like roses without thorns. But Christianity, to be Christ like, is about the thorns. The very real thorns that were thrust into the head of a Saviour. There is no Christ without the thorns a very real Cross.

Is He speaking to you? Really, speaking? If not, then ask who it is you are listening to?

His voice is undeniable and it will lead us into the thorns. But even in the midst of all the thorns is a peace that surpasses all understanding and a love that encompasses and embraces so much.

So you are here reading this...Do you think this is by accident?
No, you are reading this because there is a love for you that is so great and so huge that your mind can't even fathom it right now.

I feel as if every breath that I have taken has led me to this one moment. This moment when I can pray for you and tell you of a the love your Creator. He loves you more than you will ever, ever imagine. Jesus is not dead. He is alive and He is real. He is the greatest source of love that you will ever know.

On my way back from the Grand Canyon, I had a vision. There were a thousand people walking in the dark. They were walking in a line, single file. Each person had a lit lantern. The flames lit up the dark and shined upon the treacherous terrain. Jesus spoke to me and said, "Rachelle, it only takes one." It only takes one person to light a thousand lanterns. One person. And then that person could light a thousand more. And a thousand more, and so on and so forth.

Know this. You may not feel like much. You may have failed. You may be like I was, dead, lifeless, hopeless, and may be at your wits and and on your last leg. But He longs to set you on fire. You could be the spark that lights a thousand flames. You don't have to be popular or well liked. You don't have to be rich or beautiful. You don't have to have status or be a member of a particular church. You don't have to have job or status. He picked you. The one who is reading this, He picked you.

You have it within you to take light to people that would otherwise suffer in darkness. All you have to do is ask. Ask Him in your life if He is not there. Seek Him. Spend time with Him. He will help you when you are weak and in places that you repeatedly fail.

Your time. He wants your time. He will show you things that you never imagined, if you only trust. But it is hard. It requires sacrifice. Sacrifing sin and self in such a way that you are willing to walk into the thorns. But He is our strength, our rest, and our provider.

Trust in Him, Lean on Him...Seek Him...

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding, but in all your ways, acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths

But when He, the Spirit of Truth comes, He will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is to come. John 16:13

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