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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Message to those struggling with addictions..drugs, food, gambling, pornography, alcohol..please read if you are struggling..this may help you..

About a year ago, I had the honor of meeting a very wonderful man. He preached at my church.
Although I can't remember his name, his message still resonates in my heart.

He spoke of how he was once a meth addict. Everyday his grandmother would tell him,
"Son, you are a great man of God."

He scratched his head in wonder...Me? A great man of God?

He laughed. He thought, I could never be a great man of God...

But as his grandmother persisted in her love and encouragement, he began to see the light. He gave up his addiction with God's help.

Today, he is leaving a legacy of love. He goes around the world doing mission work and telling others of this great hope and love that he has found in Christ.

He is a great man of God.

I was humbled by the story in so many ways. Sometimes people with addictions only need someone to believe in them. Sometimes they only need to hear that they are great and wonderful in the eyes of our God.

So if you are reading this, You are a great man of God. You are a great woman of God.
You are so beautiful in His eyes.

Addiction comes in so many forms. It is a snake with many heads, each bearing a different name. It is a snake that longs to tear flesh from bone. Addiction seeks to carve out souls. It leaves one hollow, seeking the sources of Death for fulfillment.

It has many names: Drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, possibly even too much television..
Addiction is something that steals our love of Christ.
It leads us into false places of fulfillment. It holds us as a vice. It is deadly. It is playing around with fire.

IT squeezes out our joy like pulp and reduces our purpose to nothing.
Addictions attempt to rob us of Jesus and steal our hope. They provide a false comfort.

I was once prescribed Xanex for a short time. During this time, I felt as if I "needed" to have it in order to function. I became addicted to it for a very short while. After my doctor stopped prescribing it, I began to wonder..."what am I going to do?" I began to panic.
It was then that I realized that I had a problem. I realized that my life would become a downhill spiral if I continued walking in the darkness of addiction. So I gave it up.
It wasn't too terribly hard for me, but I know that there are many out there who genuinely struggle with addiction.

I don't judge the addict. I sympathize. I reach my hand of hope to you. I tell you with kindness,
"You are more than that which binds."

Jesus has a message for you.

My child,

I love you so much.

I long to guide you into rich places of my beauty.

I long to be ALL that you desire.

I am for you.

I am not against you.

My hand is outstretched, waiting for you to receive Me.

Let me be your Comfort and Guide.

Seek not the things that lead to Death, but

Come into My purpose.

Come into my flock.

You are welcome in my fold where joy and safety dwell.

You are My Child.

Your body and mind I long to possess.

I long for each and every part of you.

I long for your embrace.

The road to relinquishing your habits

may be long and hard, but

My Hand is there to Guide you.

Seek me and know what it is to walk in my Light.

You are worth so much.

You are so beautiful, My Child

I love you.

You don't have to be perfect to fall into the arms of Christ...You just have to fall into them. Let Him do the rest.

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