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Monday, October 3, 2011

The art of superficial conversation and confounding the enemy

The last few weeks I have been attacked by the enemy in major ways. The enemy knows our weaknesses.

There were a few days in particular when I was in tears. I couldn't stop crying. I was experiencing things that many people wouldn't understand.

I have experienced forces of darkness in a very real and tangible way. Sadly, many people don't believe in hell or if they do, they don't take it seriously.

But I can tell you with every core of my being that it is real and it will be horrendous. I have seen things and experienced things that would amaze and confound many people.

But through all of my experiences, I have learned the true power of God.

This week He showed me some amazing things. He showed me how to put on His armour.

It seems that during the past six months or so, I have known the God of Love...but this past week, I learned of His Soverignty and Power.

One night I was lying in bed, restless from the many things that were going on in my life. Restless from the vicious attacks. But Jesus spoke something into my spirit...

"confound the enemy.."

What does that mean, Lord? He showed me that it means this:

When you are tired, Dance!
When you are frustrated and want to give up, Praise and thank Him anyway,
When it seems that there is no way, put on the boots of peace and go!
Cast all of your cares upon me, and wear your armor like a fighter.
When you are tempted towards anger, reach out in love! Confound the enemy.
When your words move toward tearing down, build up instead.
Confound the enemy. Give him no room to breathe, otherwise, he will suffocate.

We are called to be humble, yet we are called to be warriors, as well.
Laugh in the face of adversity. Know and rest in the fact that we serve the God of Power and Deliverance.

Wear the helmet of salvation. Keep your life pure, by wearing the breastplate righteousness. Wear the boots of peace by going and doing the works that he has called you to do. Know His word, let it be your shield of faith. Seek the Holy Spirit, it is the Truth that holds us together.

I wish I could express the things that God has done for me this past week. I feel as if He is taking me to a whole new level.
My flesh wants to fight it. The enemy senses that and knows my weakness. He knows each of our weaknesses. He will try to steal and exploit. He will try to infiltrate our minds with lies. He will try to steal our joy...But we must become warriors. Otherwise, we will never be full. We will always be victims, robbed of an Amazing Truth..

Yesterday, I fought a mild depression. I was listening to the lies.....
So what did I do? The Bible tells us to overcome evil with good. So I danced in the rain.

I went to a local store. My son and I stopped by the fishtank. There were two dead fish floating in the tank. A young man came to talk to us. This may sound strange, but I felt like I was meant to speak to this young man. He casually spoke about the fish and about how the tank wasn't working properly. He told us that the fish weren't getting enough oxygen and many of them would probably die. I was sad for the fish. They were hovering toward the top of the tank, seeking oxygen....longing to breathe, longing to live.

I had some roses in my cart. I often like to pass out roses to random strangers. Or leave them on cars with notes of encouragement and love. As I was parting ways with the young man, I felt Jesus bidding me to give him a rose. So I did. I told him that was married and wasn't flirting.
I simply said, "Jesus asked me to give you a rose." So I did. I could see that he was visibly moved.
I could've let that mild depression keep me from acting on God's word, but I chose instead to confound the enemy.
To go anyway.
Isn't that the only way to go - forward. I think that if I were to stand still, I would be overtaken.
I would be the fish that is struggling for its last breath of air. God is my oxygen. He shows me life. I need Him!
Otherwise, I know that I would surely die.
Confound the enemy!

Lately, I have felt Him well up inside my spirit. It is almost overwhelming at times. My flesh longs for the natural. My flesh longs for normalcy.
But my spirit. My spirit longs for God. My spirit longs for more!
Some days I feel that if I'm not talking about Him or what He is doing in my life, I am wasting. I am denying something deep within me.

Today I went to visit a dear lady. I walked into her home and immediately I wanted to share His love with her. All too often we say we believe, but we get caught up in superficial conversation.
I am sick of superficial conversation. I crave God. I crave the things of God.

As we were speaking about everyday life, I began to cry. I couldn't help it. God let me feel a great love for this woman and I had to tell her.
As i was in tears, she asked me what was wrong. I replied, "Nothing is wrong. Jesus is allowing me to see His Great Love for you. It is overwhelming."
She didn't freak out. She smiled. I could see that she was touched. She told me thank you and that she was happy to hear that.

Why are afraid of Jesus? Why are we so afraid to speak of Him? He is life. He is good.

The Bible says, Out of the heart the mouth speaks......
So I think we should take a long, hard look at the things we speak about. Are we speaking love?
Are we speaking Jesus?

I'm not talking about talking about church. Or pastors, or preachers. I'm talking about Jesus.
If Jesus is in our hearts, dwelling deep within us, then shouldn't His name flow freely from our lips.
My flesh wants to fight this. He isn't something that is talked about. Church is talked about. Works are talked about. Beliefs and differences are talked about, But when is the last time you have had a true conversation with someone about Jesus? Just, Jesus.

Confound the enemy. Talk about Him anyway. Kill your flesh and let your spirit breathe in the life, the oxygen that comes from Him and Him alone.

He is real. He is alive!

Take a moment to look at the words that are coming out your mouth. Because they will reveal the things in your heart. Are you speaking Jesus? If not, seek Him. Seek Him like never before.
He wants our hearts. He wants to flow like life giving water from our lips.

There is a sad world out there that needs Him. So speak Him. Plant the seed of life in someone's heart. Trust Him to water it. Confound the enemy.

Jesus, plant yourself so deep within me, that I speak you. I am not ashamed of you Lord. Walk with me. Give me courage and fill my heart so completly, that you come out of my mouth. Let my words, be words of healing...of hope....of gratitude......Of Love.

Confound the enemy.

I was going to end this post there, but I really want to speak more on how many of us has seemingly mastered the art of superficial conversation.

So often, it seems we speak of things that don't matter. Sometimes after conversations with people, I am left unfullfilled. Our talk is empty on many occassions. Do we ever really speak about what is really inside us? How often do we speak about our dreams, our fears, our hopes, our concerns, our worries? How often do we start a conversation with, I'm lonely. I need something in my life.

We don't. We hide. We hide in shells that look like televisions. We hide, and yet there is something within us that is left unsatisfied. We look for answers because I think we often find that conversations and people can leave us grossly disappointed.

I'm ready for dialogue.

But, since I know that many people aren't going to become openly extroverted simply upon reading this message, Know this:

God hears you. Jesus hears you. You don't have to be superficial. You can speak to Him about everything and all that is within you. He will hear you. He will fill you, so long as you allow Him to do a work within you.

Let's start talking about the things that matter.
Confound the enemy.

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  1. Awesome word 'chelle. Very true, and a challenge for the New Year, every year. Thanks for speaking your heart. :)