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Sunday, October 30, 2011

My thoughts on Halloween

Here are my thoughts on Halloween to the very few who are interested.
The truth is that I have celebrated Halloween every year.
Until this one.

I used to love the holiday. I actually considered it one of my favorites at one point in my life.

But a lot has happened during the course of a year to change my mind.

Some people say that Halloween is rooted in Christian tradition. But if you study the history and what actually happens on Halloween...the truth is very frightening.

It is day when children dress up as witches and demons.
It is a day when modesty is not honored and Christ is not revered.

I have seen the supernatural. I have seen that demonic forces are real, and I know that there are real witches and Satanists out there that use Halloween to celebrate.

I remember as a teenager...I would cringe when people would start talking about the evils of Halloween. I felt as if they were trying to ruin my fun and rain on my parade.

But now I can see thier concern. I never really hated the things of darkness until I truly walked in the Light of Christ.

So while my children and I will not participate, I can still love all the people who do.
I can pray for thier safety and I can spread my light to them.
We don't have to agree on things, but we can still act in the spirit and love of Christ.
So whoever is reading, I love you. Our convictions may not be the same, but that's ok.
I still wish you the best and I hope you wish the best for me.

What will I be doing on October 31?
It will be a day like any other. I will visit my grandmother who has been very ill and I will love on my children. My situation is not perfect but my God is...and on that day I will thank Him and love Him just like every other day. And maybe some hot cocoa would be nice too.

Please read the following link regarding the History of Halloween...
I didn't have a chance to check out the I can't say whether or not I support it...

On another note, at first I was a little reluctant to post this...I know that there will scores of people who disagree with me...but then I remembered the phrase. "Stand for something, or you'll fall for anything."
My goal for this life isn't to force a religion down someone's throat..but to represent the love of Christ in the best possible way I can.

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  1. We don't celebrate it either. We try to flee from the appearance of evil. It scared my girls too. It's a regular day to put on a ball gown and tiara and go to the post office. We have buckets of fun every day.