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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Little Seeds of Light

Today we are on our way to the Grand Canyon. I promised Jesus that I would plant little seeds of Light along the way.

Today, I am going to leave this blog address along with little messages of encouragement of love...all the way from Louisiana to the Grand Canyon, Arizona.

If this message finds you,

Please know that it is for a reason. Jesus loves you that much.
This week has been a week of intense spiritual warfare for me.
I have been fought in major ways, simply because you are meant to be here...
on this site..

Jesus wants you. You are chosen. He loves you that much.
Today, I want to offer you encouragement and hope.
I offer you my prayers. I offer you my love.

Please read my blog and know that God is real. And He is amazing!

I don't know who you are. I don't know what your life looks like.
Maybe you are struggling with cancer. Maybe you are addicted to drugs. Maybe you are having marital issues. Maybe you doubt or are angry with God. Maybe you have been hurt very deeply and trust no one. Maybe, you are at the top of the world right now. Or maybe, like me, you were the one at the bottom.

But whoever you are, and whatever your situation, there is an amazing hope. I found HIm and my prayer is that you find HIm too.

God Bless you today, my friend......
I love you.

There is a plan for you even greater than you can imagine or wrap your mind around.

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