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Monday, December 5, 2011

My big and beautiful bucket list

Lately I have been thinking about death. I recently read a book called "If God is Good" by Randy Alcorn. The book provides insight and biblical answers to the question of suffering.
One thing that was said is that we all have the same disease - Mortality.
One day, we all will die.

For a few days this week, I felt horrendous. I am so much better now, but for a few days I truly felt beaten down by life. I needed to be reminded that I have a purpose. I needed to remember that there are places that I haven't yet ventured, like Spain. I needed to dream.

Above all else, I want God's will for my life. I have learned that the very breath of Christianity, the core is the spirit of sacrifice. I am learning to take comfort in life's small pleasures. I am learning the deep meaning of hugs. I am learning the beauty of prayer. I have learned to appreciate the sound of laughter, because true laughter....genuine and pure laughter isn't something that you hear much these days.

I want my life to have meaning. I've learned that God gives our lives meaning. I have come to know Him. I am learning His depth, His beauty...and the beauty of our individual purposes.

Yes, reader, you have a purpose. It probably doesn't involve watching television programs or checking facebook every hour. But we are all human.  I am guilty.
If we lived out our true God given purpose, the world would look different.
Love would flow naturally.  We would embrace life.  We would appreciate beauty in the mundane. We would cease to complain. We would teach one another. Learn from one another. Embrace and love one another in the purest and deepest form imaginable. If we truly followed the divine will of the Father, this life would look very much like Heaven.

Let's make big and beautiful bucket lists.  Let's live.  Let's surrender our lives to God and watch great things unfold.  Let's find beauty in one another and find peace at the foot of the Cross.


1. Learn a new language - Spanish? Italian? still deciding....

2. I think it would be beautiful to learn to crochet and then knit hats to donate to infants and children...My sis in law knits hats :)

3. Learn to play the guitar - and then go sing and play at hospitals and nursing homes

4. Make snow angels with the boys

5. Ride a scooter through the Italian countryside

6. I'm praying that God would show me the Northern Lights one day

7. Write a book about the wonders of God, the things that He has shown me, the greatness of His love, and the myriad experiences I've had that leave no question in my mind that He is real. And then give the book away for FREE to one thousand people.

8. Make another cd, this time with the songs that He has given me...songs of hope

9. Make everyone around me feel like a first class citizen in a world that treats you like coach.

10. visit an orphanage, volunteer

11. hot air ballooning

12. reach out to the homeless and get involved in prison ministry

13. drink coffee at a Parisian cafe...with a view of the Eifel Tower

14. enjoy the ocean with my children

15. take a mission trip to a very poverty stricken area. It would make me that much more greatful for the comforts of home.  I would like to write about the experience to share with others so that we all remember to truly count our blessings daily

16. Have a foot washing...There is a story in the Bible where a prostitute washes the feet of Jesus. It was a very intimate act that expressed her love and respect for Him. One day, I asked Jesus, "Lord, can I wash your feet?  He told me that by washing the feet of others, I wash His feet.  We wash the feet of others with kindess and with deliberate acts of love. Some churches, however, have had actual foot washings. It sounds silly almost, but I have heard that it is a very powerful experience.  One day, I washed the feet of my ten year old boy. He began to cry and tell me how much he loved me and that he didn't want me to go to work the next day. We all need those deliberate acts of love. We all need touch. We need to have our feet washed now and then. I want to  have a foot washing. I want to wash someone's feet.

17. Take my family, mom, dad, sis, bro, kids, on a very nice vacation

18. watch as many meteor showers as I possibly can...with hot chocolate, of course.

19. speak about my experiences in public forums

20. get involved, life, love, laugh...this day could be the last...

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