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Thursday, December 8, 2011

"screw em' over"

First of all, pardon the slang. This is a post about workplace mentality. I'll be using workplace slang. Hope I don't offend anyone.

For the past few weeks, it seems that certain shifts on my job have been slacking on thier duties.
The result has been that other shifts, including mine, have been picking up the slack.
We work hard. We often find ourselves doing physical labor, sometimes for extended periods of time.
It's hard enough carrying our own weight. Carrying everyone else's burden can sometimes be too much.

Today, as I ventured into work...I became angry. It seems that the previous shift neglected some of thier duties, even after having an easy night.

At work, many of the guys have adopted an attitude..."Screw em over."

The mentality being that , if a shift puts it to ya, stick em right back.

Screw em over.

Today, I was tempted to fall into that mode. Justice, right?
We want fairness in this life.

But then I remembered a verse.."Overcome every evil with good."
I decided to use my anger and frustration to confront the issue. I wrote a message to my coworkers telling them of my angst with thier work performance. I apologized for the times that I had been slack and said I would try to do better.

We don't have to "screw em over"
Jesus reminded me to overcome evil with good. Justice doesn't  always come in this life...but it will most certainly come in the next.

We aren't to concern ourselves with justice. We are simply called to love..even those who stick it to us....

I really hope this post encourages people to work harder. Or at least do the work assigned to them.
Everything we do affects someone in some way.

I don't want to stand before Jesus some day and have Him ask me why I saw fit to "Screw em over."
I want Him to say...Well done, you did the hard thing. You loved when it was hard. You overcame evil with good. I am proud of you..

Any self proclaiming Christian should strive for the same.

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