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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Everyday miracles

"If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me" Jeremiah 29:13

a few months ago, my pastor told me that God was going to 'richly bless' my life. I wondered what that meant. I imagined all sorts of grandiose things happening before my very eyes. I wondered if I would come across a large sum of money. Since then, I have found grandiose things before my very eyes.
everyday is a living, breathing miracle.  In this life, nothing is ordinary. Even the smallest grain of sand, when magnified, reveals the most complex and beautiful formations ..God isn't in a fat bank account. He gives out things much deeper and richer than paper could ever buy.. He gives out heart treasures.

God is not hidden. He leaves His handprints everywhere.
He says, "If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me."
This week, I followed His fingerprints..and I found Him..
I saw His working in so many things...

I saw him in tiny, little houses built as a place of rest and safety for birds..

I saw him in smiles..and in dirty little hands..covered in sweet potatoes..
I saw Him in a baby's full, round belly

I found His fingerprints spread out across New York...where every park seemed to be spread out in a wonderland of color...

I found him at a quaint and cozy coffee shop in Greenich Village.  I saw Him in the man sitting next to us, all alone. God urged me to extend a hand of kindness. I did. I saw Him all over again..beaming with love for stangers in foreign places....I saw the look of wonder and surpise when strangers remember that there are still good people. I pray that he saw Jesus too that day..

I saw Him in the beautiful blue hues of the sky before the storm..and in the mighty rushing winds as it approched..and the cool, sweet drops of rain that fell on our noses...
I saw His fingerprints touching the corners of our mouths as we laughed and scurried to get out of the rain.

I saw Him when I  took my baby to the beach..and he marveled at the waves and put his tiny feet in the sand.  And then again, when the babe took a shovel and scooped the sand into a big orange bucket and said, "mommy, make a sand castle with me."

I saw His fingerprints when the seagulls came flying overhead..and my husband and I laughed together despite the many many problems and hurts..knowing that we could still laugh with our baby at the beach..
For months I have wanted to get a picture of this horse. I would always see him, but I never had an opportunity to capture his beauty on camera. The other day I was in the car and realized that I forgot something at the house. I made an unexpected turn and there he was...all clothed in perfect sunlight. I got out of the car and walked toward him. He walked right up to me and let me pet him. I took his picture. I see God in His Creation. Thank you Jesus for letting me pet this horse.

I see God when life springs out of the ground... in little feet trodding through the field the voice of my niece claiming that she has found, "blackberry heaven."

Where did you find God's handprints this week?

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