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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

what to do when you feel weak and you struggle with your emotions and you wonder if you are even saved.

I remember when I first became a Christian..I struggled over my emotions..
I thought that, by becoming a changed and transformed new creature in Christ, that I shouldn't get angry or frustrated.....
I beat myself up for struggling with emotions. But I have learned that our emotions are a part of our humanity.
During this time of struggle, I used to wonder.. "am I even saved?" If I'm saved, then why am struggling with not liking this person...or why am I struggling with anger over this particular situation..? Or why am even tempted to watch this television show or this movie?

I think a lot of Christians ask these questions..

One thing that I have learned is that God's grace is so vast. He understands our human-ness... He understands our weakness.

Jesus didn't die just so you could doubt your salvation. It's a gift. It's something He gave because He loves you.

Let Him help you through the struggle.

I'm learning that spriritual growth is a process. It's a long road of learning to trust..of learning to place faith far ahead of feeling...
It's learning to realize that we are human...and there are times when our feelings won't exactly match up with what we think they should be...

But we overcome every evil with good...

I read a book in the not too distant past called "enemies of the heart" by Andy Stanley.
He identified four areas of significant Christian struggle...

1. Guilt
2. Jealousy
3. Anger
4. Greed

I don't want to ruin the book because it had some really good information...but Stanley sublty reminds us that " the heart is deceptive above all things."  To simply, if we are facing of the ways to overcome simply to confess. Let it go..Get it out of your system and set things right.

If we are struggling with greed, fight it...give more. Be more generous. Overcome evil with good.

If you are struggling with jealousy,  fight it... go the object of your envy and pay them a compliment.

Pray for those who make you angry.
I can tell you..I've done this...I have reason to be angry with someone and I literally felt the anger melt away as I lifted them up in prayer. 
prayer allows us to recognize that person as another soul...needing the love of a living God.

We are all in this race together.  Today, don't doubt your salvation. embrace it. Thank God for it.
Let Him help you in this struggle...

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