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Sunday, May 13, 2012

What does Aibileen Clark have to do with thirty homeless men and the man who died on the side of the road.

today, I've been working on my care packages for homeless men in our community. I made a phone call last week and found that "The Lord's Place" is a shelter which houses close to thirty men.

Over the course of the past few weeks, I have picked up items to include in the package. A dear lady from my church is crocheting thirty hats. Thanks, Mrs Mary!

I have a heart for these men. I can't imagine what kind of circumstances they have endured. I wonder about their lives as children. I wonder if they ever received true and genuine love from their parents. I wonder if they grew up in a stable home environment.

Something tells me that things probably weren't so good for them.

Something tells me that these men were never built up with kindness. Something tells me that they don't believe in themselves. Something tells me that they need love.

Has anyone ever read, "The Help" by Kathleen Stockett?

I loved that book. I loved Aibleen Clark. In the book, Aibileen babysits a very small girl by the name of Mae Mobbley. Mae's mom never really paid much attention to her. She was always busy.  She always seemed to fuss at Mae Mobbley. She tore her down with words while claiming to love her.

But Aibleen, every day, made it a point to build that baby up...Every day Aibillen would take Mae Mobbly..and look deep into her eyes and speak to her. She wanted her words to sink in.
She told her three things that she wanted Mae to always remember.

She said to the child, "You are smart. You are kind. You are important."  She knew that Mae would grow up in a cruel world of hatred and racism and all sorts of pains of various names..and she wanted the child to always remember that she was worth something.  She wanted the child to know the depth of her love.

So, in my letter to these homeless men, I reminded them. "you are smart. You are kind. You are important."
Jesus loves you.
I told them that if I was financially able, I would buy them all steaks and gourmet chocolates..I would fly them to amazing places like New York and Paris... I would dress them in the finest clothes and give them warm places to sleep..down pillows and fine Eygptian cotton.....

I reminded them that God wants the very best for them. And that those who are first in this life, shall be last..and those who are last..shall be first. I reminded them that God loves them more than I could ever express in words...

I bought them a toothbrush, deodorant, mouth freshener, and crackers. This week I am picking them up fine chocolates. They will have nice warm  handmade hats...  and bubbles to remind them that the innocence of childhood is really never very far away. I am going to pick up more things soon.. Is there anything that you would like to donate? Food items? Hygene a a free haircut?


On another note...

Yesterday, a friend of mine posted on facebook that a motorcycle fatality happened in our area. My heart sank. I know several people that drive motorcycles.  I later found out that I don't personally know the victim of the crash...

but I began to wonder about his life...especially about his day.

I wondered if anyone had shown him kindness on the day he died..
The Bible says that God's kindness leads to repentance...and I wondered if anyone took the time to love him on the day he died..

I wondered if he encountered rude, angry people on the day he died.
I wondered, of course, about whether or not he will be in Heaven..
I wondered if he was kind himself..

If nothing else, remember always to be kind. It may be someone's day to die. And your kindness can make all the difference in the world to them.  Your kindness could lead them to salvation..

Please remember this family in your prayers..

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