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Monday, July 2, 2012

Charlie's Dinosaurs

Tonight I read an news article that inspired me.  Remember the news story several years ago about missing mom, Susan Powell?  Her husband was a suspect in her disappearance. He took both of his boys "camping" on the night that she disappeared. The details were strange because he left for his "camping trip" at 2 am and the temps outside were freezing.
They never found her. The husband lost custody of the two children and on a day that they were scheduled to visit him, he set off some sort of bomb inside the house with the two boys inside.
Tonight, I read about a non profit organization started in their honor. Detectives were cleaning out the father's storage unit and came across of the boys drawings. It was a picture of a dinosaur and above it,written in red marker, was the name.."charlie..."

The detectives were emotionally involved in the case and heartbroken and touched upon finding the they started a movement called, "Charlie's Dinosaurs.."

They want to make a difference in the lives of foster children by letting them know that there are people who care. They are gathering backbacks, toiletries, toys, clothes, and other items and giving them to children who need a sense of security and comfort. 

Having seen children in homeless shelters, this story really affected me.
I once read that small acts of love create tiny ripples..but they extend and, even though we only see a few ripples, they go and reach beyond what we can see.

I believe that if we aren't loving on someone who truly needs it, then we are missing the point of life entirely.  And truthfully, I can't think of anyone who needs love more than children in orphanages and foster homes..homeless shelters, juvenille centers..and the list goes on..

Is anyone out there up for a project? I know that I don't have to do flips and cartwheels to win God's approval..but I feel complete and whole when I spreading His love to someone else.

What if we did our own version of Charlie's Dinosaurs? A few weeks ago, I delivered some items to our local women's shelter. I had a few teddy bears in my car so I thought I would ask how many children lived the time, there were four kids living in the shelter.  What if we started with four kids? Made little care packages for them...deliver them personally..maybe see if we can bring some face paint or ice cream...
We can tell them about the love of Jesus and bring them hope and smiles.

And then,  we can bring packages to the kids at the Harbor House or the Potter's House..another local homeless shelter..

Get the idea?

I don't want to bombard people to give or help out, but if God put's it on your heart, then message me.
It is hard and expensive to do these kinds of things alone.

Last week, I delivered 28 care packages to the local men's homeless shelter. It took me weeks to prepare the bags.  A very nice lady from our church, Mrs. Mary Monceaux, hand made hats for every single bag. It was lovely.
We both put a lot of work and effort into the project....

So if you are up for helping out on the next project, I would be happy to hear from you.

On another note,
I am very heavy hearted tonight. I was told the my Uncle's dad has stomach cancer. They are giving him a very short time. Please say some prayers for him and his family.
Also, there is a family that recently lost their son in a house fire.  One of my friends on facebook said that the lady who lost her son was her best friend.
If anyone would like to help out in that area, let me know and I can put you in touch with her.  They lost everything in the fire.
I can't even begin to imagine what they are facing.

Anyway, thanks for reading..


I just had an afterthought:

Tonight I heard a phrase.. One branch, alone, is weak..but many branches together, are strong.
There are strength in numbers.
It reminds me of the fact that we all play a unique role in body of Christ. We are meant to work together as a family. We are meant to be strong as a whole. Imagine if we all loved..together, in such a way that we didn't create ripples..
we made waves.
Let's make some waves.

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