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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Love Is

Today I recall my former days in "the world".... I recall men from former relationships.  I recall never feeling truly loved by any of them.  It was as if I kept searching for something within them...I wanted to pull out love and fantastical and wonderous things and all things good..but nothing like that ever came. It left me with an empty void..a craving of sorts.  I craved wholeness and yet I was a thousand broken pieces. I thought that these men could piece me together, but I know that none could have loved me with the love that I craved.

Deep down inside, I knew what love really was.. True love isn't looking to be pieced together, but looks to do the piecing.
Love is selfless. It doesn't count what it feels as fact. It pushes on and goes beyond feelings.
Love is pure, not something steeped in selfishness and sin.
Love is Jesus dying on a cross for people who cursed and mocked His name.

Love is the old man taking care of his dying wife when he would rather be out fishing.
Love is the young girl who gives up "the american dream" to serve in a Mexican orphanage..wher air conditoners don't work, but laughter is everywhere..simply because she gave.

Love is the lady who lovingly stitches hats for 26 men in at the homeless shelter...and then makes 15 more for the women's shelter.
Love keeps going.
It never dies.
It is a perpetual fire that ceases to burn. 

I don't know the answer to the question: Does God cause suffering?
Truthfully, I don't think that He does.
But I do know that the greatest triumph comes from the greatest tragedy.
I know that even in the most dire circumstances,
Love always shines like a light in the darkness.

Love is..

1 John 4:8

\ does not love does not know God, because God is love. Whoever

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