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Friday, July 6, 2012

unseen world

So many things have happened these past few months. Life seems to fly by so quickly. Sometimes, I wish  there was a pause button or a slow down button.
It seems like the days are so short.. 

First, I wanted to say that I am now renting my own place. It's very very small. But I am very excited about it..especially fixing it up..I want to decorate in beach decor. So far, I've picked out an overpriced bananna chair from pier one. I keep going back and forth on paint colors. I can either paint it the color of sand and have colorful paintings and decor..or I can paint the color of the ocean and have more neutral furniture.. I realized that I am a perfectionist when it comes to furniture and color matching. You wouldn't guess it by the way that I I haven't a care in the world..but I think I get too involved in color schemes..

But that's not really the part is worth mentioning. There have been days when I  have prayed very sincerely to God about my living situation. I've been staying at my parents home since I separated. It has worked out fine and beautifully and all, only I'm 36 years old and there really isn't a lot of pride in that. Trust me, there is nothing wrong with it..except for the fact that I work 12 hour shifts and work and work and work and have little to call my own.

I'm not a hoarder. I don't care too much about things. Don't get me wrong, I love nice things, but my goal in life at this point is  to become comeletely debt free. I am almost there! 

Anyway, I sincerely prayed that God would give me a place to stay to call my own. Mostly for my boys and so I could have my own little nook..a place for people to feel welcome..

A few weeks later, my parents bought some land that housed a small abode and asked me if I wanted to rent from them..   Of course, I do!  The first thing I purchased was a hammock for the yard. Priorieties.

Even though the place is really small, I am very thankful that God heard my prayers. My parent's had no idea what I was praying for and I know they didn't realize how much I wanted a space for myself and my angels.

ok, so that is the first thing...

the second thing..

I know that I have posted about my experiences with the supernatural before.
For some reason, God has allowed me to see things and experience things that some people could never imagine. I have come to realize, through my experiences, that there is an unseen world...  The Bible even talks about it..

Lately, things have been coming against me in horrific ways. One day I'm going to jot down all of the things that I have experienced but most of them sound strange. It is literally like one of those horror films at times.
But I've learned, over time, not to fear the enemy. I've learned that there is a force greater than any demon or demons..and that is God and His son. I could write a book and maybe one day I will.  I'll give it away because all that I have gone through is true and real and people should know just how real these forces are.
Hell is real. Heaven is real.
I think if people really soaked that in..we would change the way we  think and act. We would pay closer attention to the words coming out of our mouth.
We would strive to get closer to God.
We would give more and love more and pray more.
We would forgive. Because we would realize that love covers a multidude of sins.
We would crave the opportunity to be a light to others because we would see that there is true Death in darkness. Don't get me started on that. I could speak for days of the hopeless vacuum it is to be in the prescence of the enemy. 

Ahh, God is real people.
Wake up.

Don't fall asleep..Now is the time for living and loving and sharing.. Now is the time for prayer and giving and seeking!

The enemy seeks to devour, and from what I've expereinced ..he is no weak force. The enemy is sly and crafty and cunning.. He is relentless.

Soon, I will tell more about the things that I've experienced. It's horrible,
But today, I am so glad that I know a real and living God...the hope and light of the world..

Greater than any oppresion and any demonic thing.

"Greater is He who is in me than He who is in the world."
"I am more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus who gives me strength."

One more quick thought.. Last night, I was wondering if anyone out there considers me a religious zealot..whatever that means..
The truth is that I'm an ordinary girl who has been giving a wonderful opportunity to know a Man that is indeed, very real.
I am the type who is unfailing stubborn I like evidence of things...but for some strange reason, God has allowed me to see so much..and maybe it is simply to pass the info along..
I'm not sure..
But, I'm not a zealot.. just a regular girl who loves Jesus, knows Him, and wants to share HIm with others...
ok, that being said,
Love ya!

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