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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Several months ago, I had a dream about a kitten. I could see that the kitten had been abused. She appeared tattered, beaten down, and weary. I can't recall all of her physical qualities, but I remember that she had been severely mistreated.  In the dream, I gave her some warm milk. I took care of her. I fed her and gave her warmth and comfort.  She left for a while. She went on about her prowess kitty ways, but later she came back.  She craved more of the love she had received. She had tasted it and she wanted more. 
I woke up and I felt as if the dream was from God. I felt as if He was saying that many of His children are like lost kittens. Some have been battered and beaten down by life..but it is our job to take care of them. Give them food..Give them love, the pure spirtual milk. they will know it's taste and, though they may stray, they will remember the warmth, the comfort, and the taste of love. They will come back.

I haven't really much thought about the dream until today.

A few weeks ago, I was in my grandfather's yard. I was bringing my boys for a sleepover when lo and behold, out of the corner of my eye, was a very scrawny, very tattered cat.  She was so skinny that her bones were protruding. A few moments later, I spotted her kitten. The kitten was also quite scrawny. I went inside my grandfather's house and I found a can of tuna fish. I fed the mother and her kitten.
The next day I found another kitten. This kitten was missing an eye. She had a gash on the side of neck that possibly came from another animal.  Between my grandfather and I, we've been feeding the cats.

The other day, I was driving down the road and I spotted the really battered, one eyed kitten, on the side of the road. She was half hidden in the grass, peering out her little yellow head. She was so  tiny and helpless looking. Apparently, she had gotten onto my grandfather's truck and taken a ride a few miles down the road. ...
I was in a hurry to be somewhere, but I stopped to pick her up. Normally, the kittens were quite shy. Everytime I would call one, they would scurry. They would never really let me touch them.

Well, that day..was different. The kitten must have known that I was there to rescue her, so she willingly hopped into my arms. I brought her back to my grandfather's house and he gave her a fresh can of sardines.

Up to that point, I still hadn't really thought much about the dream.

Today, I was driving for my daily starbucks run. As I was going under the overpass, I saw a man sitting there, huddled and alone, seeking shelter from the rain.

As I was getting onto the interstate, I knew that I should've offered to feed the man huddled helplessly under the overpass. I remembered the dream, and I remembered how I went out of my way to help the kitten on the side of the road. But here was a man and I didn't even stop.... But I was dead set on getting him fed.

Truthfully, I should have turned around. I should've found the next exit and starbucks be damned. (pardon that slang there) but really, I should have. I just hoped that I find him in the same place when I returned from my quick trip.

Sure enough. On the way back, I saw him sitting near the ramp of the interstate waiting for a ride. I knew I had to pass that way on my way to work, so I went to subway and ordered two foot long subway sandwiches.. BLT's, to be exact.
I got two iced cold Dr. Pepper's and two bags of Nacho Cheese Doritos.

As I drove up the ramp towards work, I noticed that the man was gone. Someone must have picked him up and given him a ride.

I kept remembering the dream and how I went out of my way and altered my schedule for the kitten. I know that God is calling us to do that with the people we encounter on a daily basis..
He is calling us to lay aside our selves to make sure that people have food and clothing. He is calling us to love in real and tangible ways.
He calls us to feed His sheep. Sometimes that means more than a quick and passing thought towards someone..sometimes it calls for us to go above and beyond and making sure that they are warm and comfortable, and, fed.
Food is the most basic need and yet people still go hungry every single day.
"Feed my sheep."

the day I spotted that kitten on the  road, I made sure that he was fed and cared for.
I realized that I am supposed to care for every person I see with the zeal and fervor that I cared for that little kitten.
Love is the purpose that we are here for..and love how He knows that we are His disciples.

"By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." - John 13;35

The one thing that I am completely enamored by in this life is the love of God. It is something so real and beautiful. It is timeless and powerful.
I crave more of it daily.
I long to love every single person in such a way that they see Christ in all that I do and in every word that I speak.
Lord, let us all desire that kind of love..such that we are willing to put ourselves upon a Cross to show others grace.


Today, I remembered a dear friend of mine. He doesn't really know Christ. A long time ago he told me a story about how he rescued a goat by the side of the road. It's head was stuck in a barbed wire fence. He told me how he spotted it and set it free.

Today, I sent him an email. I reminded him of the story he told me..and then I told him that Jesus is like that.  Jesus is the man who sees the suffering creature and then lovingly sets it free.
I implied that he was acting a lot like Jesus when he loosed the head of that helpless animal.

Want to hear something else that may sound crazy?

As I was driving to work, I still had the extra subway sandwich in tow. I took a different route. I took a route where I know there are sometimes homeless people hanging out near the overpass. I was hoping to see someone who would want the sandwich.

I didn't see anyone, but, as I was driving..God told me that He was going to feed me at work tonight.
Tonight, I walked into the control room at work and someone offered me a steak. 

God takes care of us. He expects of us to take care of His sheep, but in turn, he provides.
God is good.

James 4:10“Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up.”

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