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Friday, March 22, 2013

A Letter to my Pastor

Dear  Pastor ,

First of all, I want to thank you. You have been a light to me in so many ways. I can't tell you how many times I have prayed for specific answers to specific questions. There were times when I was sitting in church and the message that you delivered pin pointed my exact problem.

There have been times when Christ has put a verse in my heart. I would go to church the next day, and, out of the entire Bible, the verse in which Christ revealed Himself, would be the central point of your message.

I Know that Christ speaks to you. I've seen it countless times. It is unquestionable.

I thank you for the freedom that we have to speak. I love how you give us a voice to share what Christ is doing in our lives and in our hearts. That is a freedom that a lot of churches do not have.

Are we perfect?

No. But, this I can say. We have love for one another, and I can see and sense your love for the lost and the "least of these."

Why I am writing this letter?

I have sat silent on too many occasions. While others were sharing their testimonies, I should've spoken. But, speaking is not my virtue, I am a writer.
I was born to write. Writing is the reason that God created me.

I have spoken numerous times about my encounters with the darkness. One night I was sleeping. I could feel a darkness enter my room. My head was held down and I could not move. Truthfully, I don't know if I was awake or dreaming, but I felt a pain in my belly that was unfathomable and excrutiating. I felt as if every demon in Hell was trying to rip apart my insides. I was asleep, but the pain was more suffocating and real. I dreamt that I walked downstairs to my mom's computer and I started writing.
I wrote, as I wrote.. the lies of the enemy were exposed.

A few days later, I was in church. Mrs. Mitzi looked at me and told me that God was going to use me in my writing. You spoke the very same thing. I had not told a single soul, at that point, about my dream.

God is moving among us.
The one thing that He showed me is that in order to build something new, we must first tear down the old.
We do that with the Truth. The Truth tears down the lies. I have found that we are so engulfed in centuries of lies, that we aren't even aware of how deeply we are affected.
As a Body of Believers, we are hurting. Church is not what it is designed to be.

Christ showed me something in the Book of Acts. The early church. The one that was unstained by demoniationalism and religous hatred. The one where the Believers used their gifts and functioned as whole...The ones who didn't look at sharing as a "hippie" concept that left with the 60's. The one's who were so engulfed with Christ and others that were willing to give up every single thing they owned.
Miracles abounded. The numbers being saved increased daily.

I once read that people are so disallusioned with the institutionalized church that many will return. And think of the disciples. They took Christ with them everywhere. They didn't confine Christ to a building. Instead, they took Him and His message of the Cross wherever their feet would take them.

We are those disciples.
I once had a vision. I saw thousands of people walking on rough terrain. They were marching towards something. The climb was laborious, and the journey was difficult. There was immense darkness, but each person was walking in unision.  Each one was carrying a lampstand, containing the very light of Christ. It lit up the darkness and made for something beautiful and extraordinary. They were the city on a Hill, and the place that they were marching was the Cross.

The world is dying and the message of the Cross has been diluted amongst today's false teachings.
We need to bring it back.
Christ is calling us out of our comfort zones.
So many churches look alike today, and very few represent the real Jesus.

I once heard that church is not a building, but about the Body of Believers acting in one mind and in one accord. I read that we are the living stones, not carved by human hands. I believe that.
I am going to share some things I have learned with you over the course of the next few weeks and months.
They will be hard to hear and hard to read, but the one thing that Christ has been showing what is wrong with our churches today. There have been times when I have wept over the things that I have seen. There have been times when I have spoken against things that I thought were wrong, only to be shoved to the side and told that I don't matter. I have been called names because I dared to write about what is wrong in our churches.
Christ said that He is coming for a spotless Bride, and we are anything but...

I am in a humbling place. I can only hope that the things that I present to you don't offend. That is not my purpose or intent. I simply want to see us grow. I want to see us walk in the miracles that Christ has promised. I want us to be more unified, each using our gifts in the capacity that Christ has called us to use them.
I want to see the lost seeing the light of Christ in us and through us..
I want to see the world begin to see that hyprocrital Christians and a loving Christ are not one in the  same.
I want to feed, to clothe, to care for the least of these and show the world that faith without works is dead.
I want to remind the world that God prospers us, but the prospering comes through sharing. When Jesus shared the loaves and fishes, He taught us that when we do the will of the Father, when we share, He multiplies..

anyhow, I want to thank you for all that you have done. My prayers are with you, and every Christian in every denomination. My prayers are with every man, woman, and child in this dark world.
If the Christians would realize that we are all family and begin to treat the lost and the unsaved like family also, then Christ's glory would be revealed.

On another note, as I reveal to you the things that Christ has shown me..over the course of the next few week and months, I encourage you to let me know if there is anything that doesn't line up with the Word and the Spirit of Christ. We are to test all things. I am humble enough to admit that I can and do make mistakes, and that, as a Body of Believers, we all need one another.

Love and God Bless

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