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Sunday, March 10, 2013

the most misued word in the english language is love

last night, I watched an interesting youtube video.  a man was disallusioned with our misuse of the word "love."

He said that it is a word that is sometimes spoken without thought. It is a word that has often not been backed by our actions. To some, love is simply a word and sometimes, we don't fully grasp it's magnanimaty, it's implications, or what it truly means to love another person.

we say words like, "I love bacon." or  "I love Starbucks." 

We often use the word "love" to describe our love of things.

The man was in tears because his wife was leaving him. He had made some mistakes, but realized how much he truly loved her and didn't want her to leave.

He was going to tell her that he loved her, but he didn't feel that "love" was even a strong enough word to express how he truly felt.

So, he asked God, "Lord, is there any word in the entire English language that would fully express how much I care for this woman? Is there any word that would reveal my love for her in its fullest capacity?

The Lord replied, "Jesus"

Jesus is the only word that anyone could really say that would illicit an image of someone willing to die for them, suffer persecution, be whipped, and mocked, scorned, and spit on.

Jesus is the only word that would reveal the depth and magnitude of unconditional love...
and the only name that would have covered how much someone would be willing to endure and sacrifice for another human being.

So he asked God's permission and told his wife, "I Jesus you." because love didn't seem to be the right word. Only the name Jesus could've covered something so huge and vast and great and expansive.

The man went on to say, that most of should never use those words.. simply because we have no idea or even the slightest inkling of the unconditional nature of the love of Jesus.

I can't help but think it true. We call ourselves Christian, and often, we reject one another, we hurt one another, we can't seem to forgive one another... and we have no concept what unconditional agape love even looks like.. It's not even evident in a lot of our lives..

Can we say that we love in same capacity as Jesus? or even that we resemble Him in our love?
would we be willing to die for another living soul? if we can't even "bless those who curse us" and love those who spitefully use us, then we have no concept of the love that  Christ expemplified..

IF we don't have love for one another, should we even call ourselves, CHrist like? Christians?  If we reject those who disagree with us and toss them to the side because they have a differing viewpoint, is that Christlike?

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