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Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's Raining Roses

voila, it's roses....

Some days I drive thru very poor parts of town. I often pass thru areas that look spiritually and emotionally lifeless...

Weeds.. I see an abundance of weeds....
I have often wondered if a person's yard or home have any relfection on thier spiritual life...

Does that sound silly?

I guess it does..but have you ever seen a yard with weeds to your knees and wonder about the emotional state of the person living amongst the weeds.?

I used to live amongst weeds.


My house and my yard reflected who I was on the inside...Everything was all grown over...In disarray...
No flowers bloomed.
Everything appeared to be a chaotic mess.

In essence, it was..

I was too worried and too lost to bother about changing anything...
So the grass became unkempt..the laundry piled up...and my house soon began to look like my  life...

Since then, I have cleaned up..
I no longer live in that house... . I associate it with bad memories and hard times.

I'm grateful that God gave me my life back..

But there are those who still don't have life...they mete out thier days in yards with weeds to thier knees and they wait and wait and wait for change..

I guess they don't realize that God is the giver of life..He can transform..He can clean up a dusty life and put things in order.....

He can make the flowers bloom again...the ones that live inside us..dormant sometimes...

His life giving water can make them live.

I'm sad for people with dilapitated yards and weeks worth of dishes.
I'm sad because I know that a lot of messes aren't made in happy, innocent frivolty..

Some messes accumulate out of complete and total despair.
Some people just quit caring about thier lives altogether..

One day, I want todrive thru these areas...Find the houses that look really sad....and make it rain roses in the yard...

I want to remind people that there is life..and that it is fragrant and beautiful.

I could drop thousands of roses into thousands of yards..
but there is that part of me that knows that even though it would be a nice gesture..

Only God can give people thier lives back...
all they have todo is ask..

Hmmm..that's an idea..

maybe I will attach a little note to the roses..
God wants you live...Ask Him for life..

So those are my thoughts on how I have always wanted to  make it rain roses...

What is something you have always wanted to do?

Share your thoughts with me..

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