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Sunday, June 10, 2012

why I am smiling from ear to ear :)

Before I begin this blog...I want to say just how amazingly happy I am right now..for months I have searched for dear friends from my past...
I spent several months in Hull England about twelve years ago. While I was there, I really connected with a lot of people. I lived in a student house with several amazing people..
I have prayed for months that I would find certain people that I truly fell in love with over there..
and today, I found them :)
I am really beside myself right now...

While I was there, a girl asked me about Jesus..I couldn't really think of much to tell her because, at the time, I really didn't know Him the way I do now...
I am so happy that I will now have the opportunity to speak with her about this brilliant Light I have found..

If you are reading this Federica and Annalisa,
I am so happy I found you. I have thought about both so often..
You hold a special place in my heart .. I hope and pray that we never lose touch again :)

Thank you Jesus for helping me find my friends..

"and He will give them the desires of their hearts"  :)

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