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Thursday, June 14, 2012

changing the world, one person at a time, fulfilling your purpose, and a beautiful moment at the bookstore

I just finished watching the movie, Julie and Julia... Strangely, I don't watch movies very often, but it seems that in the past two days, I've watched just as many movies.

The movie was based upon the life of Julia Child..
Do you ever meet people that seem like they have magnetism..You are just pulled toward them? You find that thier zeal and zest for life and living are so great that you just want to be in their prescence?

Julia Child seemed to be that kind of character in the movie...She made a lot of people laugh and smile and honestly believed that she could change the world  through cooking.

It reminds me of the movie, "Stanger than Fiction."  The main character meets a lovely lady at a bakery. As you get to know her, you learn that she flunked out of law school. She would spent hours baking cookies for study groups..Everyone loved her cookies and she was exceptionally good at she flunked the majority of her classes.. She realized that she didn't need to be a lawyer to change the world...She realized that she could change the world by baking cookies.. She saw smiles in it..
I was once reading my favorite blog, Terribly Interesting, and the writer was talking about she and her friends believed that one could change the person at a time.  I believe that .

A man that once preached at my church..looked at me during a church service on day, and told me that I was in love with God's love...  He was right.. I am. To me, there is nothing greater or more powerful. There is nothing more infinite or more lasting.

I could talk about it for days..

Imagine if we grasped that love and reached out to people the way we are called ....I think people could be by one..

I just finished a book called, Love Does, by Bob Goff..The book tells such simple and poignant stories of love. I remember wanting to cry so many times while reading simply because I could feel so much of this man's heart being poured out on paper... I could see his love, not through, his ideas or his beliefs..but through his actions. His life is a living testament of love. I was moved how,even after writing a best seller, 100 percent of the proceeds go to his charity committed to improve the lives of young kids in developing nations.

Jesus is the same way. When I am reading about Jesus, I think the parts that really get to me the most are the action parts.. The places where Jesus touches blind eyes and feeds hungry people..  I like the parts where His words make sense and then, as I read on, I can see how He lives them out... I like to read about the part where, even as He is dying of the Cross, He still tells God to forgive them.. "Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.."

Yes, I am deeply and unquestionably in love with His love..
And I aim to be one of those people with that zeal and zest for living.. I want people to see that love and hope and me..and long for the same Light that inhabits my very core..

Maybe cooking and a half dozen baked cookies could change something..if it is done with tender lovingness of Christ..  and...maybe, if we would simply take what we are good at,. and the things we love..whether it be baking, or gardening, or singing, or writing, or sports...and we do it all for the glory of Christ. and use our talents, to draw others and lavish love , then perhaps, in some way, we are fulfilling our destinies.....

If we love with all we have, and draw our strength from Christ, then, perhaps we can rest knowing those small endeavors alone are our destiny, our purpose, our calling. 

There is no force greater than the love of God.

--we don't have to aim to change the world in a swooping act of valor..we can change through the small and simple things, one person at a time and one day at a time.

Be the woman with the quiet and gentle spirit.. the lady that carries a light..that everyone wants to be around.

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