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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How I see it

This is from a facebook post that I posted today... I thought it was good, so I wanted to repost it  here so that others can read..

It relates to a lot of the negative talk that I heard after the election.

"Sigh. Ever since I have gotten on face book, and during the course of the past few years, I have heard complaint after complaint. I have seen many “Christians” time after time use God for their own purpose and then turn around and talk nasty about someone or complain about something trivial.

We don’t  realize that the words that come out of our mouths, the tacky memes, the slander, the incessant whining and complaining…well, that makes an impact on someone else.  With every action we make or word we speak..well, that is the Christ that we portray to the world.

In the not too distant past, I had the great opportunity to meet a man from the nursing home. His name is Rick and he has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. We had a conversation the other day. Rick told me that he had to sit away from everyone because, in the midst and throes of his disease, he simply could not take everyone’s trivial complaints. I started to realize that complaining must seem like a bitter irony to those who are TRULY suffering.

Today, we woke up.. We are going to breathe in over 10,000 liters of air. Most of us complain about the economy, but most of us, still have our jobs. Today, we will eat. We will set food down on our tables. Those of us who woke up today still have a day that many others simply won’t

Thousands of people will die today. Praise God for LIFE! Be ready because it could end at any given time!

Regardless of what has been portrayed, my Christ is not a Christ of fear. He is a Christ who provides when we lay down our lives and Trust Him.

My Christ is powerful. God said that He revealed Himself through His son. My Christ, regardless of what has been portrayed, is not a hating Christ. He is the complete expression of love. Are we showing  that love in the way that we live and the words we speak?

Not today, we arent..

We talk about fearing for our religious freedom.

Do you know what I did today? I woke up and gave thanks to God. I had a head splitting migrane and was nauseous, and I praised my God. My headache went away immediately. I gave thanks.

Today, I have my religious freedoms. I will write about and speak about the  goodness of God. I will praise Him, I will let His light shine in and through me and pray with all of my heart, that I can show the world who HE really is. HE IS GOOD!
If ever my religious freedom was  threatened.. If ever I were jailed or even killed for my beliefs…Nothing, and I mean nothing… could take away the goodness of HIS LIGHT!

It is a light that is real and shines through the darkest of times and the most dismal of days.

Friends, don’t succumb to fear and rhetoric. If you serve the same God as I do, our God is powerful. He is merciful. He is good. He LOVES us. ..Each and every one. Black, white, rich, poor, He loves us no matter who we love, and despite all of our failings and misrepresations of Him…

He loves on. He wants to set us free from our sin..not because He hates us..but because sin is death.

He died on a Cross and forgave the people who drove the nails through his hands and feet and placed a bloody crown on His head.

Today, I am going to post a few  blog posts where God came through for people who trusted in Him. Why?

Because my God is real regardless of what today’s “Christains” are showing.

Today, give thanks that your feet hit the floor and the air in your lungs. Pray. Get to know Him.. For He is good  and His mercy ENDURES FOREVER..

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