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Monday, November 5, 2012

My Crazy Hollywood Dream and Robert Downey Jr.

The other night, I had the strangest dream.
I dreamt I was at a fancy Hollywood party..(haha, as if that would ever happen) ... :)

anyhow, I dreamt I was in a beautiful room in with elite. I think Robert Downy Junior was there.

While I was in the room, I felt God's immense love for each person.

I know I talk a lot about the prosperity gospel and I talk a lot about God's call for humility, but one thing that I rarely that God loves rich people.

The rich, the elite.. even those who seem "well off" and "well put together"..
They need Jesus, His truth, and His light just as much as anyone else.

We are all in this race together. Our duty is not to judge, but to simply help each other along the path.. in the best possible way that we know how. When Christ is our source, love comes natural.

One day, there was a man standing behind me at the grocery store. He seemed pretty well off and well put together. I thought I heard Jesus whisper, "pay for his stuff."

My first thought was, Lord why would you have me pay for a rich man's things? He has more than I have.

I knew Christ's answer upon asking, "even the rich need to see the light of Jesus through our acts of service and humility." Jesus wasn't telling me to give money to a rich person, but  He was urging me to share kindness, witness, and testimony to someone  with whom I would've naturally been uncomfortable sharing

The truth is that I disobeyed Christ. I didn't listen. But I should have.

We all need Christ.. Even those who have more than we do..
Even the richest in Hollywood..
Does it sound strange that I occassionally pray for Robert Downey Junior?

Maybe it is..
But he needs Jesus just like the rest of us. Riches delude us into thinking we have everything...but the rich aren't always satisfied and will be the first to attest that money isn't everything..

Back to the dream..
Here is the song that was playing......
In the dream, everyone stopped what they were doing so they could hear the words.. They knew in their hearts that they needed to hear..

Has Christ ever put it upon your heart to witness to someone with whom you were uncomfortable sharing the good news?
But, of one thing I am certain..The Good News is for everyone.. Rich and poor, white, believers, non believers...people of other nations and our next door neighbors..

Yes, guys... I know I am a nerd...
Rock on, Big Daddy Weave

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