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Monday, November 21, 2011

7 Days of Heaven, Day 2

Day 2

Sharing Ice Cream with coworkers....

Sometimes, we bring heaven on earth with the small things.  It's important to be thoughtful or mindful of those around us. We don't have to be rich to bless others.  The small things count too.
I think that consideration is an attitude for which we should strive. So tonight, I bought some ice cream to share with my coworkers.

I went to Jamaica several months ago. On my cruise, I noticed a lot of people pushing and shoving to get on elevators. Everyone seemed in a rush and unmindful of one another. Everyone was in a hurry to get somewhere that no one had time to look or consider the person standing beside them.

Someone paid me a compliment while I was there. There was a Jamaican man who was a tour guide. He told me that I was different. He told me that I had a peace about me.  During the course of the trip and nearly every day since, I try to remember the verse..."He is who is last shall be first, and he who is first shall be last."

Sometimes, in our busy, busy lives...rushing is almost second nature. Sometimes we feel like we have so much to accomplish...but sometimes we only need to simply sit back, and be mindful of those around us. As Christians, we are called to set our eyes on the things above, and not on the things below. We are to store up our treasures in Heaven. And that means being considerate. Putting others first. Not feeling that our needs are so important that we are willing to shove everyone else aside in haste.

Sharing is love. And you don't have to be rich to share. You just have to do it.  One of His greatest commandments is to love others as we love ourself. That means sharing. It's not a commandment that we can ignore. It should define us. 
I try to practice it. Sometimes I wonder, if I were cold, could I give away my jacket to the person sitting beside me. If I were hungry and there were only a morsel of food, could I give it away to make sure that someone else found the nourishment they needed?

I read something the other day that struck me. This life is a test. Sometimes the people that are put in our path are a part of that test. Not only the difficult people that we are called to love. But also, the needy people.  I read that failing to act is as much a sin as anything else.  If you see a neighbor with no coat or a very real need, and you can meet that need, but choose to look the other way, it's wrong. It is failing to love in the capacity that we are called to love.

I used to think that loving others was a weakkness. After all, I had been hurt so many times. But I have since learned that loving others, especially those who have hurt you, is a strength. It is a divine strength bestowed upon us by a loving God.  It is one of the fruits of the Spirit.

Tonight, I messed up.

My feelings were hurt over something. I tried to address the issue. The other person raised thier voice. I snapped and said things that shouldn't have been said.
What is sad  is that words are something that we can never get back.
I told the person I was sorry. I apologized to God.  Our faults and failures make us realize how human we are and how much we need a loving God. Our faults and failures make us appreciate His Grace that much more.
I've come to learn that I'm not perfect, but I have also come to learn that it is best to humble oneself and apologize when we do wrong. To repent and pray that the next time another situation rolls around that we will have the grace to handle it differently.

This life is a test. And I want to pass. I want you to pass. Learn to share. Practice it. Find love at the foot of the Cross and let if flow naturally.

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