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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Won't you dance with me in Heaven someday?

wish i could remember who this painting belongs to
My child,

I have seen how you have been used. I have seen how others have picked you apart. I have seen the

white flag that you have raised.

Know that I am in your midst to begin to piece you back together. Healing comes through praise.

Even as the wind blows and the storm rages, praise can mute the sounds of destruction around you.

This too shall pass, My child. Hold My hand and I will safely guide you across these waters.

You are mine. You shall not drown. I am your life raft. I can keep you afloat in these dark times.

You do not need to be perfect to fall into My arms of mercy of grace..You just need to simply fall into them.

I will do the rest. I am preparing a place for you as we speak. Just as there is no one else like you, just as you are a unique creation, so is the place that I have prepared for you.

Prepare to be amazed at the working of My hands. Prepare to laugh, even as the storm brews and the winds howl.

I can calm the raging within even when all else seems to fall apart.

I love you, My Child.

See the destruction created by darkness, then reach out for the life that I promised. Remain faithful to Me and only Me.

Embrace these winds and learn from them, teach others what you have learned.

I love you, My child..More than you can and will ever know.

Won't you dance with Me in Heaven someday?

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