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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mission Projects

In between grueling hours of shift work and motherhood....I have been trying to do small mission projects. I once thought that mission projects were complicated endeavors which involved going overseas or to faraway places. But I have come to learn that our backyard is a mission field.
Everyone around us is in need of a little of our Light.

Here are a few ways that I have been sharing mine....

Olivia with Bears

I ordered boucoups of these little bears. Each one has a t shirt with a personalized message. A man at work came to speak about being a burn victim so I decided that it would be nice to bring some of my bears to the children's pediatric burn center in Baton Rouge. That is actually a project in the works that I hope to accomplish with my friends Mandy and Shandy. But so far, I've given away over 40 bears.
Some have gone to Harbour House, a local shelter for abused, neglected, and troubled children in Lake Charles. Some have also found a home at Buckner's home for Children in Beaumont.

This bear just wanted to relax on my big, fluffy, red papasan chair...

Oh, the life of a bear...

In addition to taking the bears to the Pediatric Burn Center at Baton Rouge General,
we will also be taking some children's books that I bought from Books A Million

Several Christian themed children's books

I have also been shopping and participating in Operation Christmas Child through Samaritan's Purse.
I read an article about a young Russian girl who saw the love of Jesus through her gift. She spoke of how she was very excited to receive a toothbrush. It made me realize how much we take for granted! I had a lot of fun picking out goodies for the kids.

Here's some toys and necessities for a young girl

some fun stuff for teenage girl...tshirt,toiletries, watch, journal, writing materials, candy, etc...

My mom wrapping shoeboxes

We picked up boxes from church and brought them to the drop off site

We also put together some boys items but I didn't capture it on photo...

Another project I'm working on involves baby booties. One day a family member that I hardly know gave me a pair of hand made crocheted baby booties. As I was putting them on my feet, I had the sensation of feeling loved. It was a wonderful feeling and I wanted to recapture it, put in a bottle, and release it to others..

I ordered over lots and lots of hand made crocheted booties from various sellers on ebay. I give them out to new mothers, along with a Bible and letter of encouragement.

Lately, I have been delivering them to a place called ABC Pregnancy Resource Center. Many mothers go there for pregnancy testing. I spoke with the ladies that work there and they say that many of the mother's that find out that they are pregnant opt for abortions. They said that baby booties have a powerful impact on expecting mothers because they remind them that their babies have feet.

Is there anything sweeter than baby booties? This pair came in hot pink!

IF you happen to be an expecting mother and are reading this blog, message me...and I will happily send you a pair...

Another project that I'm working on involves the homeless. To me, one of the worst things in the world is to be  cold.  I equate cold with misery. I once read a story about a woman who delivered over a thousand blankets to the homeless in her area. She sought them out. She knew them by name. Her name is Kris Briggman and her story appeared in the national news. She is a local hero. I admire her deeply for her efforts and I decided to carry on a small part of her legacy of love... But I'm not helping the homeless for her...I'm helping them because Jesus asks us to do it in His Word..and I love Him...

So I am putting together care packages to be sent to Abraham's tent. My Uncle Ray and I purchased blankets. I also bought socks, hats, and I have been arduously filling out personalized Christmas cards. I wonder how often the homeless get Christmas cards? Probably not very often. I pray they can see Jesus.
Uncle Ray ordered 24 of these fleece blankets.

Thank you, Uncle Ray :)

more blankets that I bought from Wal Mart
socks for warm feet

I thought this would make a pretty card

One of the personalized messages I wrote 

I'm also going to add a Bible to my care package. I bought several Bibles and I've also had a few people donate Bibles. Thank you Uncle Ray and Mrs. Stacy

There is no greater gift than the Word of God

oops, i forgot to buy colors

One day my friend Mandy  and I were talking.  We both have hearts for children. One time she told me that she bought coloring books for underprivledged children.  She inspired me. So I bought some, as well. We are going to spread the love of Christ with kids. I got some coloring books and I'm going to write little messages of love and encouragement throughout.      These are just a few projects I have going on...Blogger doesn't want to cooperate with me so I will have to do a part 2....                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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