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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

for those of all denominations and faiths.

Does anyone ever feel like a victim of religious hatred and intolerance?
I'm sad because I have seen people from all walks of life and denominations hurt either by people of another denomination or by someone in thier own religion.

I've been hurt by comments from people from various denominations. From talking to people, I really feel as if the problem is widespread.

Hatred really bothers me. Gossip really bothers me. It's wrong no matter what religion. It's un Christlike.

I've heard of stories from a Catholic friends who felt targeted by Protestants.
Likewise, I've heard stories from a Protestant family member who felt targeted by Catholics.

So why all the intolerance and hatred?
One thing that I have learned is that many people feel very strongly about certain beliefs.
And that is wonderful. I think we should talk about our experiences and beliefs with one another. Peacefully.
It doesn't mean we have to come to an agreement.

There are so many differences even in the entire Christian belief system. It's ok to disagree, but it should be done in a spirit of love.
We should unite in the one thing, our Christ, that brings us together...instead of focusing on various differences.

I am sad because I feel as if various religions think that thier way is the Only way to the Cross.

Didn't Jesus say, "I am the way, the Truth, and the Life? No man cometh unto the Father but by me?

I am learning that Jesus doesn't reside in an building. He is there for all who seek Him.

I can say that I genuinely love people from all religions. I truly love them.
I love my Catholic friends and in-laws. I love the my Baptist friends. I love the Pentecostals. I love everyone. Period.
I know people from various denominations that Know Him.
It doesn't mean I have to agree with everyone...But I can love everyone regardless of our differences. We aren't meant to feel "separate." We aren't meant to be divided.

One thing I have learned in my walk is that Jesus loves each of us so very much. He wants us all to come into the knowledge of who He is...

Lately, there have been things I have seen in various religions that I don't agree with., even my own. Actually, dare I say that I claim no religion. But I know Him and I love Him with all of my heart. And I can honestly say that I love people from all religions.

If every church in America burned to ground, God would still be God. He would still lead us into truth. Because that is how big and beautiful He is. He doesn't limit himself to certain groups of people.
He writes His truth upon our hearts and minds.
He is there for All who knock.
He never said, "I"m there for all of the (insert a denomiation here) that knock.
NO, He calls us each to knock.

He calls the crack addict, the rich man, the poor man, the white man, the black man, the gay man, the straight man, to Knock. He wants each of us to knock.

My purpose in this post isn't to offend. I know that not everyone may agree with me. And that's ok. We are all taught things from a very young age and often those things are ingrained within us...
My purpose is not to change anyone. My purpose in writing this post is to show others that God is bigger than we can imagine. He doesn't limit Himself.

I hate to say this, but it's "man" that I don't trust. It seems that anytime another human is in charge of anything related to God, people get hurt....or confused....congregations end up hating people that aren't like them or pointing fingers of condemnation.

That is why I turn to Him and Him alone for my answers. Because He hears me and He is faithful. I simply don't trust in man, but I do trust in God.

Why do we try to change one another? Why can't we discuss our experiences with an open heart and mind without feeling that we have to convert one another to another religion?

There are so many religious barriers...but there is one force great enough to break them all down...and that is love.
If we loved one another the way Christ called us to love, then there would be no religious wars, antagonism, or hatred.
We wouldn't feel targeted. We would feel accepted. We would feel the way we were meant to feel.
We would embrace one another and see one another as fellow creations of Christ.

I don't embrace the beliefs of all religions. But I do embrace the people behind them.

I heard a story about someone who was shunned from church for committing a sin. And it nearly brought tears to my eyes. Have churches become so self righteous that they forget that Christ called us to love. He is the final judge.
I think if we see someone who is on the wrong path, we should lovingly speak to them as it says in the Bible..not point self righteous fingers.
People long to see Christ and we are called to represent Him...not cast stones at one another.

So for all of the people who have been hurt by "christians" and to all of the denominations...
I love you. I can see Christ in many of you and I hope that you can see Him in me. Let's put aside our differnces and pray for another.
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Let's pray for those that need Christ and pray that we will represent Him in a true spirit of love.
I'm sorry to anyone who has ever gotten hurt by someone of another religion. I'm truly sorry.

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