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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Won't you dance with me in Heaven someday?

Edgar Degas

Do you not see that set of footprints along these sands?

I am holding you in My arms in this dark hour.

Look at the desert. Do you see how life grows from nothing?

Do you see how life thrives in the midst of adversity?

Look into the steam of this life. Whose reflection do you see?

I long for you to see yourself as I created you.

I long for you to see the beauty amonst thorns.

I long to wrap you into my cocoon and breathe new life into you.

Remember the dry bones in Ezekiel. Remember how I bid them to walk and grow flesh?

You are those dry and lifeless bones. Do not rely on the things of this world for pleasure and comfort.

You will carve a path of futility that will lead to Death. I may bring you into the thorny bushes and

crags, but rest assured that My hand will be there to guide you.

My love for you is unwavering. I long for your very heart to beat in sync with My own.

You are mine, my love,

Return to Me. Know Peace and remember what it is to laugh.

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