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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Won't you dance with me in Heaven someday?

Do you hear the whispering of the wind through the leaves?

That is how He longs to speak to you.

He longs to instill His peace and quiet within the depths of your very soul.

He loves you immensely. He longs to hold your hand and touch the very corners of your mind.

You are worth more than darkness. You are better than the things that darkness has handed you.

Reach into His light and find strength.

Find the laughter that accompanies mercy.

You are His,

Now find Him...

Won't you dance with me in Heaven someday?

* picture is by Edgar Degas


Tonight, I was writing some Christmas cards for the homeless, and this is one of the messages that I felt led to pen. As I get to know the heart of Jesus, it is almost as if I can hear His voice. I long to share with you what He says. I long to encourage those around me.
I follow a blog that inspires me. Every Tuesday I read a post that speaks to me. It is almost as if I can hear the voice of Jesus lifting me up and reassuring me of His love.
I long to offer my blog followers and everyone around me the same encouragement.
I am going feature this segment on my blog daily or as time permits...I hope that you are inspired and encouraged. I love you!

* The blog that I spoke of is called "Terribly Interesting". You should check it out! It has inspired me greatly. The words have been words I needed to hear at a time when I needed to hear them.

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