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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

babies in dumpsters

The other day I witnessed the most horrifying picture. I was scrolling through facebook, and I found my gaze fixed on something. At first, I couldn't quite make out exactly what it was..
the image looked foreign..something I had never seen before..
as I focused my eyes, I saw a photograph of a tiny baby in a dumpster.
I was horrified.  My heart sank into my stomach and, at first, I haughtily wondered, "why on earth anyone would post this?" It is hurtful to the eyes and, even more so, to the heart.

I couldn't get the image out of my head for the entire day. I was at work and my mind would revert back to the image of the baby in the dumpster. 

I began to realize why the picture was sprawled out like a disease ..before our very eyes..
because babies in dumpsters are a reality.
It's not a reality that we care to acknowledge,,but it is there..lurking and hiding... threating our eyes and our hearts on average,  run of the mill,  tuesdays.
babies in dumpsters are the dark corridor that no one wants to travel..or talk about...or see..
kind of like war..where babies die some bitter and unjust way..

I cry when I think about babies in dumpsters. I cry that a mother could toss aside a human life, a tiny life, like trash...

I began thinking of things I could do..ways I could combat babies in dumpsters. I thought of action things.. I thought of rallying people together and holding signs and gathering and praying around dumpsters.

Jesus showed me so many things that many things about babies in dumpsters.
He showed me that He hears my prayers and, from now on, every time I pass a dumpster, I  pray that my heart is quickened to pray..pray for lost and hurting women..pray that disposing of her baby never enters her mind..pray that, as she looks at that dumpster, something stirs within her..something called love and hope.
So, I have taken to praying for mothers that want to kill thier own..

On the day I saw the baby in the dumpster, Jesus said something else.. "keep spreading your light."
Keep spreading it.. no matter how dismal and dark the world may appear..there is still that light..and it may reach further than you know..

I began to wonder how many of our all our dark ways and deeds, contribute to the disease of society. The world can be a sick and twisted place. One need to look no further than facebook on a Tuesday afternoon to need look no further than a picture of a baby in a dumpster.. to know that the world is sick.

Sin kills. I can't paint it any clearer than that.
I can't sugarcoat it. There is no sugarcoating in a world where mothers and fathers throw newborn babes into piling heaps of trash.
There is no sugarcoating here. There is no glazing it over... I have always heard the phrase..If you aren't a part of the solution, then you are a part of the problem.

Christ is the Truth. He is the solution. He is love, and to walk in His ways is to walk in meekness, kindness, patience, long suffering, gentleness and love...He is hope and goodness..healing and restoration....  and anything a part of the problem..

Our lies..our road rage, our impatience..our gossip..our bullying, mean, undiscipled children..
our cursing..our crushing unforgiving spirits,
our lust, our adultery, our impure motives and deeds,
our  greed,
our desire to please self at the cost and risk of damaging another human soul..
a soul  that probably happens to be a mother...
that probably just needs a helping hand...
but instead finds a world of sin and muted light.. ..a woman that travels solemnly towards piles of debris and refuse with a whimpering and crying babe clutching at her chest..

We think it ok to lie..or steal..failing to see that we are part of the disease..failing to see how we feed the we are sucked into the lie.... failing to see that the great consuming disease of our society is called sin....because recognizing it and calling it what it really is..would mean that we would have to take accountability for our lives and actions...and it may mean, heaven forbid,
that we would have to change some things about ourselves... It would mean that we would have to spread our light..and offer people hope and maybe, even, heaven forbid, live out the beliefs we claim to have..

we fail to see how the darkness grows..and if we aren't a part of the solution, then we are a part of the problem.. we are caught up in the machine....
Our sin..our dark deeds...make for a world of babies in dumpsters.
Keep shining your light.
You never know how far reaching it can be..

perhaps it can find it's way.. through the cracks and corridors.. to the woman silently walking..head bowed low..towards that heaping pile of trash.

pray for them..
Now is the time to pray.
I cannot handle and do not want to live in a world of babies in dumpsters.

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